Food Standards Agency's Strategy to 2015

Last updated:
11 June 2013
Our strategic objective to 2015 is safer food for the nation.

We will put the health of the consumer first. In order to achieve beneficial change, we will work in partnership wherever we can, we will rely on evidence to inform our actions, and we will be open and honest in our communication. We believe that good food businesses will thrive where people can choose their food with confidence. Trust is built and maintained by effective, consistent and transparent consumer protection.


The five outcomes the FSA aims to deliver are:

  • Food produced or sold in the UK is safe to eat.
  • Imported food is safe to eat.
  • Food producers and caterers give priority to consumer interests in relation to food.
  • Consumers have the information and understanding to make informed choices about where and what they eat.
  • Business compliance is effectively supported because it delivers consumer protection. This will include a focus on effective, risk-based and proportionate regulation and enforcement.

Science and Evidence Strategy

The Agency's Science and Evidence Strategy 2010–15 describes the priorities for the evidence we will need and the activities we will carry out to ensure we obtain and use science and evidence effectively in our work. It will support the delivery of the Agency's strategic objectives, test our progress and inform the development of our work beyond 2015. The Science and Evidence Strategy can be found at the link below.