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The Food Standards Agency has core values which inform all its decisions. It also works within a series of policies and commitments that are reflected in its working practices. This section describes our values, policies and commitments and how we report on them.

More in this section

  • About our staff

    Information about the Agency's Chief Executive and Directors.

  • Our Board

    The Agency’s Board is currently chaired by Tim Bennett and has between eight and twelve members. The Board is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the FSA, ensuring that it fulfils its legal obligations so that its decisions or actions take proper account of scientific advice, the interests of consumers and other relevant factors.

  • Procurement

    The Food Standards Agency buys goods and services in line with UK Government and European Union (EU) policy requirements.

  • Regulatory approach

    The Food Standards Agency has a statutory objective to protect public health and consumers' other interests in relation to food and drink. However, we are aware that excessive or unclear regulations can place a burden on business, the public sector and civil society groups (such voluntary groups, charities and not for profit organisations) and so hinder effective delivery of the intended benefits.

  • The FSA in Europe

    The Food Standards Agency represents the UK Government on food safety and standards issues in the European Union. We are also involved in the nutrition and health agenda at a European level.

  • Working with others

    How the Agency works with stakeholders, other Government departments and public bodies, and international relations.