Safer food, better business supplement for residential care homes

A Safer food, better business (SFBB) supplement to help caterers and staff working in small residential care homes prepare and cook safer food for their residents.

The supplement is not intended for use in nursing homes, because there may be other food safety procedures that need to be applied, which are not covered by SFBB, for example a full infection control policy.

You can choose to download either:

  • a full-colour version of the full pack in pdf format
  • a print-friendly version of the full pack in pdf format

The print-friendly version contains all the information that can be found in the full-colour version but is easier to print. It also allows you to electronically complete the safe method sections, prior to printing.

Please remember that the care homes supplement should be used together with the SFBB for caterers pack which you can find in the link below. The supplement does not provide a food safety management system by itself, but has three additional safe methods that cover specific food safety issues found in care homes:

  • extra care: protecting food
  • gift food
  • mini-kitchens

There is also a safe method completion record for care homes that includes the additional safe methods.

The SFBB caterers' pack can be found via the link below.

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