Last updated on 23 December 2013

Turkey butterflies produced in an unapproved establishment (Update 1)

Food Alert: for Action

Ref 10/2013 (Update 1)

Eighteen tonnes of turkey butterflies, processed by Severnside Provisions Ltd, Newport, South Wales were supplied to independent butchers and catering outlets throughout South and Mid Wales, South West and South Central England. You will also wish to be aware that Severnside Provisions is approved not only for bacon slicing but also for cold storage, rewrapping of raw, cooked and ready to eat dry products.

Whole turkeys produced by Severnside Provisions Ltd. are not affected by this alert.

Further investigations have established that ANY turkey butterflies supplied by Severnside Provisions Ltd may have been produced in an unapproved establishment and in conditions that do not meet the required hygiene standards for food production.

Identification of the affected products

All dates and batch codes of:

  • Turkey butterflies produced by Severnside Provisions Ltd

Advice to consumers

There is no evidence at present of any specific risk to public health from consuming this product. However, it is illegal to supply meat from unapproved premises. If you have purchased the above product, do not eat it. The shop where it was bought should be able to advise whether the product was processed by Severnside Provisions Ltd.

Actions to be taken by local authorities

As this Poultry product was manufactured in an unapproved establishment it does not comply with the requirements of Regulation EC No 853/2004, and the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.

Local Authorities are requested to make contact with the premises listed in their areas for which there is known distribution. If any of this product is found in the premises listed enforcement officers should ensure that it is withdrawn from sale and a sample of the original product in the original packaging be retained as evidence by the officer and associated commercial documentation , if necessary using powers under the Food Safety Act 1990 and Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.

In the event of a Local Authority finding significant quantities of this product they are requested to inform the Agency immediately and provide details of the consignment.

Other Local Authorities are requested to check during the course of routine visits to establishments in their area for the supply of the above products. If implicated products are found during the course of their visits, enforcement officers should ensure that the products are withdrawn from sale and destroyed, if necessary using powers available to them under the Food Safety Act 1990.

Local Authorities are advised that where a butcher or catering outlet has been supplied with turkey butterflies from Severnside Provisions Ltd, that have since been sold to the consumer, then the business has an obligation to inform consumers and, where possible, recall the products already supplied in line with Article 19 para 2. of Regulation EC 178/2002. This may involve the butcher and/or catering outlet displaying a point of sale notice.