Enforcement committees

A number of liaison groups and forums work with and advise the Agency on enforcement issues.

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  • Local Authority Food Hygiene Rating Scheme User Group

    The FHRS User Group is a forum for two-way communication between the FSA and local authorities in England, in relation to the implementation and operation of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

  • UK-wide Food Hygiene Ratings Steering Group

    This UK-wide steering group advises the Food Standards Agency on the development and implementation of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, and Food Hygiene Information Scheme in Scotland.

  • Animal Feed Law Enforcement Liaison Group

    The Animal Feed Law Enforcement Liaison Group (AFLELG) comprises representatives of UK enforcement bodies and government departments with an interest in animal feed law. It meets twice a year to discuss enforcement related issues, to identify common problems and agree to a consistent and co-ordinated approach to feed law enforcement.

  • Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC)

    SFELC is a group that co-ordinates the food law enforcement and sampling and surveillance activities of Scottish local authorities and comprises representatives of central and local government, consumers and industry.

  • Audit Advisory Committee Scotland

    The Audit Advisory Committee Scotland was established as an independent group to provide advice to the Food Standards Agency Scotland (FSAS) on matters relating to the process of audit of local authority food law enforcement and on the operation and effectiveness of the Framework Agreement on Local Authority Food Law Enforcement in Scotland.

  • LAEMS Joint Working Group

    Details of the Local Authority Enforcement Monitoring System (LAEMS) Joint Working Group, including agendas, papers and minutes of its meetings.