Minutes of Feedstuffs Sub Committee: 19 July 2006

Last updated:
14 November 2006
Held at Municipal Buildings, Stirling, Scotland.

Nigel MacKenzie (Chair), Highland Council
Jacqui Bunyan, Food Standards Agency (FSA) Scotland
Jackie Catterall, Animal Medicines Inspectorate (AMI)
Robert Watson, South Lanarkshire Council
Alison Cowan, East Renfrewshire Council
George Begg, Angus Council
Angela Blair, Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland (SCOTSS) Co-ordinator
Andrea Farquhar, Aberdeenshire Council
Marzena Young, Perth & Kinross Council
Stephen Thomson, Midlothian Council
Charlie McDonald, Glasgow City Council

Agenda item 1: Welcome and apologies

1.1 The Chairman, Nigel MacKenzie , welcomed all present to the meeting.

1.2 Apologies were received from Brian Wilson (Stirling Council) and Maureen McLarty (South Ayrshire Council).

Agenda item 2: Matters arising from previous minutes - 6 April 2006

2.1 List of road hauliers - website details to be circulated by Angela Blair.

  • Action: Angela Blair

2.2 Report from Public Analysts - Aberdeen laboratory had dealt with 30-40 samples a wide range, mycotoxins a particular issue.

2.3 Imports of fishmeal from Faroes - it was reported that these did not, in fact, need to go through a Border Inspection Post (BIP).

Agenda item 3: SFELC meeting on 28 June 2006 at Stirling

3.1 Nigel MacKenzie gave brief verbal report on meeting and advised the minutes would be distributed when ready.

Agenda item 4: Update from Food Standards Agency - Jacqui Bunyan

4.1 The revised Code of Practice was now out for consultation.

4.2 Feed Hygiene Project Board met in April 2006. One issue discussed was how lists of businesses can be circulated to local authorities - this would be discussed further at stakeholder meeting to be held the following week. Angela Blair raised issue of access to databases and advice from Scottish Executive that these could not be shared. Jackie Bunyan advised she would raise this issue with Ian Thomson at meeting in London.

  • Action: Jacqui Bunyan

4.3 Draft Feedingstuffs (Scotland) and the Feed (Hygiene and Enforcement) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2006 had been issued for consultation on 19 June 2006.

4.4 Communication with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) - the changes in reporting systems was an issue for food as well as feed. HMRC were happy to co-operate to put in appropriate systems to notify local authorities of imports. Marzena Young advised of a HMRC site to search for data - details to be circulated. Alison Cowan still stated there were serious concerns arising from centralisation of HMRC systems to Salford.

  • Action: Marzena Young

4.5 Guidance of feedingstuffs regulations - Jackie Bunyan is drafting these for Scotland - currently awaiting clearance from legal.

4.6 Supplementary guidance on approvals and registrations is being prepared.

4.7 FSA are looking at how to take training issues forward on a national basis.

4.8 Advanced HACCP FSA still in discussion with the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS) - no progress as yet.

4.9 Lead assessor training - there was an allocation of £3500 for 2006/07 - if there was not demand for this training, then could be used to subsidise other courses.

4.10 Funding - it was reported that proposals were to be submitted to Treasury for additional funding for Feed Hygiene. Marzena Young raised comparison between previous funding for food issues and current proposals for feed.

4.11 GM food and feed - may be issues for future consideration.

4.12 Good practice guide - annex III to be included in practice guides to supplement Code of Practice.

4.13 Food prohibition - this process can also apply to feeds though not directly and not automatically.

4.14 Feed for horses - general discussion regarding this issue and current position.

Agenda item 5: Update from Animal Medicines Inspectorate (AMI) - Jackie Catterall

5.1 No major issues to report. Also circulated information sheet on Percentage Ingredient Declaration Feedingstuffs Amendment Regulations 2006.

Agenda item 6: LACORS Feed Focus Group

6.1 As Maureen McLarty not present, Angela Blair gave details of her report. This covered:

  • Focus Group Meeting on 5 July 2006 - request for Regional Groups to inform Focus Group of which feed materials being imported into which ports; Central Database for all aspects of feed enforcement - LACORS opinion statistical return too extensive and not consistent with food enforcement therefore too complex and expensive to put in place; new HMRC procedures - discussed above
  • Feed for horses - further advice to be issued by FSA in due course
  • Draft Feed Law Enforcement Code of Practice - Focus Group proposal to meet to consider consultation response

Agenda item 7: Report back from regional QS Groups

  • North - meeting held on 29 July 2006
  • Aberdeenshire - article in Press & Journal suggesting that Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department (SEERAD) would withdraw subsidy from farmers if on breach of Feed Hygiene Regulations. Jackie Bunyan to raise with Ian Thomson.
    • Action: Jacqui Bunyan
  • Moray - high levels of samples with excess copper - no apparent explanation. George Begg advised there were difficulties with regulations on copper. Charlie MacDonald advised all based on moisture content (previously 12%) does not seem to be covered in new regulations
  • East - no report. Next meeting due early August 2006
  • West - meeting held on 10 June 2006. Issues covered - HMRC; Training - HACCP and Lead Auditor; Group Projects - sampling as per FSA recommendation, sampling issue with dairy farms and protein levels in some feeds; Labelling Project in 4th Quarter 2006/07

Agenda item 8: Report back from Public Analysts - Charlie MacDonald

8.1 No issues to report other than to intimate good liaison between Public Analysts and local authorities on sampling programmes.

Agenda item 9: Any other business

9.1 Marzena Young: previous Code of Practice had been considered by small group from sub-Group. Agreed to set up an e-mail group to consider response to revised draft Code of Practice - Marzena Young, Alison Cowan, George Begg to consider response and report to Nigel MacKenzie.

9.2 Angela Blair asked whether sub-Group should consider setting up national projects - agreed to look at this.

Agenda item 10: Date of next meeting

10.1 Wednesday 1 November 2006, Perth.