Minutes of Feedstuffs Sub Committee: 1 November 2006

Last updated:
20 August 2007
Held in Pullar House, Perth, Scotland.

Agenda item 1: Welcome and apologies

The Chairman, Nigel MacKenzie , welcomed all present to the meeting.

Present were: Robert Watson, Alison Cowan, George Begg, Angela Blair, Wilma Urquhart, Marzena Young, Jacqui Bunyan, Maureen McLarty, Charlie McDonald, Stewart Herd.

Apologies were received from Brian Wilson and Stephen Thomson.

Agenda item 2: Matters arising from previous minutes – 19 July 2006

Agenda item 4

  • List of road hauliers – following discussion on this point, Angela Blair agreed to re-circulate website details
  • Access to databases – Jacqui Bunyan advised she was still in discussion with Scottish Executive on this matter
  • Lead Assessor Training – Jackie Bunyan confirmed that amount available for training was £3,000 and not £2,000 as previously minuted, and that training would be co-ordinated through Brian Wilson acting on behalf of Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Scottish Branch. In response to question from Charlie MacDonald, it was advised that this training would probably not be available to Public Analyst staff

Agenda item 7

  • P&J Newspaper article – Jackie Bunyan confirmed that this matter was in relation to food hygiene not feed hygiene

Agenda item 3: Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) meeting on 6 October in Aberdeen

Nigel MacKenzie advised that he had not been able to attend this meeting, and that the minutes would be distributed in due course.

Agenda item 4: Update from Food Standards Agency (FSA) – Jacqui Bunyan

The revised Code of Practice, following the consultation, has gone to three UK ministers for approval. It is expected that it will be published and uploaded on to website by 10 November.

Feed Hygiene Project Board will meet next week. Jacqui Bunyan advised that Project Board were looking for details of all approved and registered premises in Scotland. Maureen McLarty agreed to collate the information from local authorities.

  • Action: Maureen McLarty

Stakeholder Meeting was held on 26 July with Alison Cowan and Brian Wilson attending:

  • Results of 2001 dioxins and PCBS are to be finally reported and it is intended to repeat the sampling exercise next year.
  • Controls of aflatoxins in bird feed – concerns of risk of contamination of food chain.
  • Percentage ingredient declarations – to be implemented, though there are concerns from trade regarding commercial confidentiality.
  • FSA website contains data on animal feeds.

Animal Feedstuffs Enforcement Liaison Group meeting was held on 12 September:

  • Guidance on reporting feed incidents out to consultation this week, with FSA looking at Memorandum of Understanding for all agencies involved.
  • European Union (EU) Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) audit – desktop exercise carried out on general food and feed controls – very good. Controls of imported food and feed to be reviewed in England later in year.
  • HACCP (food safety management) training:
    • Two 2-day, level 1 courses to be held in Scotland during January–March period, these will be subsidised with local authorities covering the costs of travel and overnight accommodation.
    • Level 2 training will be arranged for later in 2007, no details as yet.
  • Feeding of fish meal to ruminants – there are ethical objections to this, however EU looking to set minimum tolerance levels.
  • Liaison with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs – still not resolved, with a Memorandum of Understanding being considered.
  • Feeding stuffs regulations guidance for Scotland was issued last week.
  • Funding at existing level of £325k will be available for next year. A bid has been submitted for additional funding for 2008/09 and beyond.

Legislation – amendments for Feeding Stuffs (Scotland) regulations and Feeding Stuffs Enforcement (Scotland) Regulations due in December.

Agenda item 5: Update from Animal Medicines Inspectorate (AMI) – Jackie Catterall

Jackie Catterall not present. No report available.

Agenda item 6: Report back from Public Analysts – Charlie MacDonald

FSA database – still some confusion in laboratories if database is fully up and running. Local authorities should contact their appointed lab to check if systems fully in place yet. Maureen McLarty reported that system due to be rolled out to local authorities this month.

European Commission Official Laboratory recognition for Agricultural Analysts – moving slowly but expected to be in place by 2009.

Unified Scientific Services – no agreement between four laboratories and local authorities to take this forward. Aberdeen and Dundee are looking at closer co-operation.

Agenda item 7: Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS) Feed Focus Group – Maureen McLarty

Code of Practice – post inspection reports will be mandatory from when Code of Practice is issued. After discussion, it was agreed to consider a 'standard' Scottish form. Maureen McLarty currently looking to adapt a form used by environmental health for food inspections and will copy this to Angela Blair for circulation.

  • Action: Maureen McLarty and Angela Blair

Liaison with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs – Maureen McLarty advised that South Ayrshire has an arrangement with shipping agent which is proving helpful.

Agenda item 8: Report back from regional QS Groups:

East – no report.

West – Alison Cowan agreed to circulate minutes of recent West meeting. Issues covered – access to lists of hauliers, Angela Blair to recirculate website details.

  • Action: Alison Cowan
  • Action: Angela Blair

North – meeting held on 11 October in Aberdeen. Issues covered – Code of Practice, feed hygiene and training. Sampling programmes progressing well and public analysts satisfied with current arrangements. Inspections – requirement for farmers to record details of feed used, but some difficulties in accessing batch numbers.

Agenda item 9: Any other closing business

Wilma Urquhart – issue from LACORS website which identified a role for local authorities and trading standards to enforce some elements of small animal exemption schemes under Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2006.

Agenda item 10: Date of next meeting

End of January 2007, Glasgow.