Minutes of Feedstuffs Sub Committee: 30 August 2011

Last updated:
4 November 2011
Meeting held at the Ramada Jarvis, Perth

1. Welcome

Maureen McLarty (South Ayrshire)
Marzena Young (Perth & Kinross)
Gary Glasgow (Aberdeenshire)
Derek Taylor (Fife)
Roisin Dillon (Inverclyde)
Robert Watson (South Lanarkshire)
George Begg (Angus)
Jacqui Angus (Food Standards Agency Scotland)
Jackie McCann (Food Standards Agency Scotland)
Brian Wilson (Stirling)

Stephen Thompson (Midlothian)

2. Review of previous minutes

No formal minutes were recorded however a summary of the main items discussed were taken by Roisin Dillon from the previous meeting of 3 May 2011.

3. Matters arising

From main points of previous meeting:

Item 2 – Registration of supermarkets as Feed Business Operators; some supermarkets are in the process of registration e.g. Tesco, Asda etc. The main concern centres on the procedures to ensure that items consigned for Animal Feed are segregated; mainly Bakery waste going to Animal Feed. Jacqui Angus mentioned that the FSA is liaising with the British Retail Consortium which has a coordinating role. Jacqui Angus will query which retailers intend to take part. Jacqui Angus has visited the SugarRich plant in Falkirk prior to the FVO missions. The plant intends to have a dedicated line to deal with supermarkets waste. Roisin Dillon queried whether the checking of food waste being converted to animal feed project should be done on a national basis. Maureen McLarty has done a protocol and a proforma for animal feed. Roisin Dillon offered to distribute the protocol to the chairs of the other groups to consider (East and North).

Item 3 – Lead matter resolved

Item 4 – Powers available to authorised Food Officers to examine manifests of imports of food; no such powers are planned for feed officers. Roisin Dillon mentioned that there were problems anticipated in relation to a local bone processing plant. It was also stated by Jacqui Angus that Falkirk have indicated that they would be willing to send a representative to the National Animal Feed Ports Panel.

Item 5 – There was a brief discussion of the situation for qualifications for core skills. Jacqui Angus stated that the Revised Code of Practice for Feed Enforcement was not yet available.

Item 6 – QMS isotope identification was mentioned in relation to determining the geographic origin of beef and lamb; however Jacqui Angus stated that it was the opinion of the FSA technical staff that the best and most reliable means of identification would be the traceability of associated paperwork.

4. FSA update (FVO update)

Due to the occurrence of a Dioxin contamination incident there may be a modification of Regulation 183/2005 possibly next year. Regulation 619/2011 is concerned with unauthorised genetically modified organisms in feed and guidance will be issued. There will be a primary production conference in Perth, 29 September 2011. There is a sampling course which will take place on 4 October 2011 in Perth. Jacqui Angus hoped that the criticisms of the previous course would be taken on board.

Jacqui Angus mentioned that there was some feedback fro the FSA questionnaire to feed officers that suggested further Level 2 training. Marzena Young suggested there was a requirement for labelling legislation training. It was further mentioned that some complementary feed products should simply not be on the market; there was thought to be an overuse of copper is some feeds. Marzena Young mentioned that a withdrawal of product took place but that the publicly of this was limited.

A request for enforcement data returns was made earlier and to date 24 out of 30 authorities have responded. Most of the data is requested for statutory reasons, other returns are required for the FSA audit and for the FVO visits which may take place. A query arose as to what was required for internal monitoring.

Jacqui Angus mentioned the various criteria which the FVO may use to select an authority to visit e.g. food processors making animal feed, ports, approved premises, and feed mills etc

5. Public analyst

No report.

6. Regional group feedback

East – no meeting has taken place

North – FVO mission discussed and about 120 samples to be submitted to analyst from 3 authorities. It was also mentioned that any use of propcorn would have to be done as outlined in Annex II of Regulation 183/2005 which would require HACCP etc.

West – Meeting took place on 24 May 2011, covered propcorn usage, also lead content in bedding, qualification issues and there was a decision to do a bread waste project, next meeting 13 September 2011.

7. LGR Update

This forum is now called the National Agricultural Panel and the minutes of these meetings are posted on the Communities of Practice website. The FVO visit was discussed, there were some issues regarding the accuracy of activities declaration on Feed Business registers. There is a memorandum of understanding with Animal Health and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate to be finalised. There was a technical opinion – that certain products, for example boluses and drenches should re regarded as complementary feeding stuffs and labelled accordingly. It was also raised that the mandatory component of feed labels must be shown together as a whole with no interspersing of unnecessary information. Next meeting in November.

8. Primary Production Group meeting

Meeting took place earlier

SPPOCS update – Some outstanding visits need entering from the previous version. Version 3 is still awaiting distribution once finalised.

FSA(s) update – There are Q1 invoices to be updated. Funding should continue as present, cross-compliance lists of premises have been issued and distributed. Data showing protocol may be revised, rewritten and required to be resigned. There was no feedback about Local Authority Officers, some complaints about sheep tagging.

9. Any other business

Marzena Young has found a number of products which have copper, selenium, iodine or molybdenum contents above their regulatory limits and should have approval as parnuts (particular nutritional use products). Roisin Dillon mentioned that a future survey of these products may be a project possibility.

10. Next meeting

Tuesday 6 December 2011, Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Perth