Minutes of Feedstuffs Sub Committee: 24 February 2010

Last updated:
13 October 2011
Meeting held at Salutation Hotel, South Street, Perth

1. Attendees

Jacqui Angus
Stuart Joyce
George Begg
Gary Glasgow
Kate Connelly
Marzena Young
Robert Watson

Brian Wilson
Maureen McLarty
Alison Bannister
Mungo Howat
Jackie Catterall
Pauline Wilkinson

2. Previous minutes and matters arising

3(d) FVO commented on carrying out unannounced visits to farms (they did not do it themselves).

7(c) Whether the £325k funding will still be taking place is a matter for the Scottish Government on a central basis (not FSA Scotland).

3. FSA report

There is a vacancy for a second Scottish representative on the Ports Panel for Feed.

SGRPID (Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate) reports should be available on the SPPOCS (Scottish Primary Production Official Controls System) database once the data have been entered (restricted to local area).

Terms of reference for SFELC meeting and Feeds meeting will be discussed.

LAEMS will not be ‘up and running’ as electronic reporting system in the current financial year.

Record keeping guidance has been issued by the FSA (England and Northern Ireland) FSA in Scotland takes the view that guidance should not be restricted to Feeds only.

ACAF (Advisory Committee on Animal Feedstuffs) discussion on package material being incorporated into Feedingstuffs. They will suggest an industry guide at the end of March. There was also a discussion on by-product controls and mycotoxins.

Feed business details should be publicly available but not necessarily on a website.

There was an FSA reply to the FVO mission although the action points required are not addressed at Scotland there are implications which will have effect in Scotland.

Recommendation on allocation of suitably qualified officers to audit HACCP plans. It was thought the uptake of HACCP training was not as high as expected. Questions arose whether there is a need for every local authority to have their own HACCP trained staff when there are only a few premises that are inspectable.

FVO concerns relating to Feed and Food businesses being registered as Feed Businesses, for example bakeries.

FVO wanted a central register held regarding feed businesses (not just locally). Some concern was expressed as to how this could be achieved and kept up to date.

Marzena Young raised the prospect of exactly who has the inspection/enforcement responsibilities of the TSE(S) Regs 2010, which bring the TSE(S) Regs 2006 into line with EEC/956/2008.

A draft code that additional to the Code of Practice on Feeds is being planned: ‘Good communication on Pet Food’.

It is also planned that there will be an FSA presentation at the forthcoming TSI conference in Edinburgh.

4. Public analyst report

i) High selenium found in feeding-stuffs within the North East with raw materials coming in from Ireland; this is being addressed by the firm concerned.

ii) Report re: local manufacturer not formulating their dog food properly (excess of copper).

5. Reports from quality groups

North – Propcorn used as an additive for grain, therefore if used on a farm it ‘triggers’ Annex II requirements (limited to that product). Refer to 3.3 of FSA correspondence ENF/STS/10/002. Jacqui Angus said she would seek further clarification.

A query had arisen regarding poultry farms and fish farms and the FSA was considering who will be doing further work.

West – Concerns regarding acting as ‘eyes and ears’ on farm inspection, requiring further clarification.

6. Planning for Feeding Stuff Conference 2010

Kate Connelly outlined the options available, such as specific tables where specific topics are dealt with and how this can be organised. It was also suggested that topics of interest could be selected by the preference of what potential attendees want raised. There may be a potential for a clash between relevance and quality of presentation.

Jacqui Angus suggested that the conference be rescheduled for September as opposed to May. It was also suggested that FSA funding may be available depending on what is known nearer the time.

Kate Connelly advised that the number of attendees should be based on what the venue can support.

Marzena Young offered to make enquiries as to the numbers a Perth venue could support.

Suggestions on topics, speakers and running order to be decided.

7. Animal Health Representation Feeds Sub Group

Contact will be made with the next chair of Scottish Animal Health and Welfare Panel.

8. Any other business

The SFELC website is up and running.

9. Date and time of next meeting

To be decided