Minutes of Feedstuffs Sub Committee: 10 June 2008

Last updated:
19 March 2010
Meeting held at South Lanarkshire Council Offices, Almada Street, Hamilton.

Committee Business


Marzena Young (Perth and Kinross)
Alison Bannister (East Renfrew)
Derek Taylor (Fife)
Kate Connelly (Argyll and Bute, SCOTSS)
Brian Wilson (SFELC, Stirling)
George Begg (Angus)
Jacqui Angus (FSA)
Jane White (Glasgow Scientific Services)
Robert Watson (South Lanarkshire)

Apologies were received from Maureen McLarty (South Ayrshire, LACORS), Stephen Thomson (Mid Lothian), Wilma Urquhart (Aberdeenshire), Jackie Catterall (AMI) and Alison Taylor (FSA).

Minutes of previous meeting

Update from the Food Standards Agency, penultimate point, second sentence to read: Jim Thomson would arrange a meeting between the sub-groups.

LACORS Update, third point, second sentence to read: There had been a problem with getting the minutes posted online.

Update from the Food Standards Agency

Primary Production
Jacqui Angus reported that a meeting was to be held on 26 June between agencies to discuss action being taken to reduce the number of on-farm inspections across the board. It was suggested that the role of other agencies should be clarified in any general review of enforcement, for example Trading Standards Services (TSS) and Animal Medicines Inspectorate (AMI). Jacqui Angus was aware of this and Brian Wilson said that Tony McAuley would be contacted on behalf of the Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland (SCOTSS).

Jacqui Angus reported that further courses were to be rolled out for HACCP Level 1 and Level 2 training, with 2/3 day courses being held in future through Camden and Chorley.

Feed Law Enforcement Practice Guidance
Jacqui Angus said that this was to be issued alongside the revised Food Law Code of Practice on Enforcement.

Feed (Hygiene and Enforcement)(Amendment)(Scotland) Regulations 2008
These were to be published shortly and issued on 20 June.

Feed Enforcement
There was to be a stakeholder meeting for the feed enforcement community on 20 July.

Update from Public Analysts

Jane White said that any failed samples mainly occurred on nutritional grounds.

There were no apparent problems with mycotoxins or contaminates.

There were some problems with copper levels in feeds and pesticide analysis was also being considered for the future, although this was carried out by DEFRA on a regular basis.

A query was raised about testing for vitamin A. It was mentioned that sometimes the levels being examined were borderline because of the accuracy of the test method and the regulatory limits of variation.

Another query was raised concerning the deleterious presence of mould in feeding stuffs, even when no mycotoxins were present. This may affect the quality of feedingstuffs as some of the nutritional value is used up by the mould, thus reducing nutritional value to livestock. This may also act as an appetite suppressant.

Update from Animal Medicines Inspectorate (AMI)

Jackie Catterall had sent an update by email.

Update from LACORS Feed Focus Group

Maureen McLarty had emailed an update. George Begg's training query concerning the Diploma in Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (DCATS) had been addressed in the update.

Reports from Regional Quality Systems Groups

West Group: minutes of a meeting were distributed. Marzena Young and Brian Wilson appeared to be qualified to Level 2.

East Group: no minutes were distributed and no issues were raised other than pesticide residues.

North Group: a meeting was to be arranged. A query on grazing had been answered in an email from Alison Taylor.

Animal Feedingstuffs Conference

Notes were distributed by Brian Wilson with a summary of feedback comments and further suggestions. There was a possibility of future conferences being held in which there would be a greater emphasis on practical sessions, for example at an Agricultural College.

An enquiry was made about low cost training provision for conferences. Jacqui Angus would check whether this could be funded.
Action: Jacqui Angus

Questions were asked about whether a future conference could be held in either the North or West Quality Systems Group areas, possibly in the third week of May.

Animal Health and Welfare

There was no Animal Health and Welfare update.

Any other business

Feed Law Enforcement Practice Guidance

This guidance, which will be supplemented by the Feed Law Enforcement Code of Practice, was subject to a public consultation which ended on 14 March 2008. It is the FSA’s intention to delay publication until the Feed Law Code of Practice has been published so that both food and feed are covered.

LAEMS issues

None had arisen to date. Brian Wilson raised a query concerning compatibility of various software packages.

SFELC representation

Kate Connelly reported that no further representation had been forthcoming from Trading Standards.

SFELC feedback

There had been no feedback as yet.

Feedingstuffs training update

Brian Wilson raised this with the East Group who replied seeking further low cost training, possibly run by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI), and asked whether there might be funding from the FSA. Jacqui Angus said that this could be requested but that the budget holder would require further information on course content and relevance.

Current consultations


Date and venue of next meeting

The next meeting would be held in the first week of September at a venue to be agreed.