Minutes of Feedstuffs Sub Committee: 25 August 2010

Last updated:
13 October 2011
Meeting held in Perth


Maureen McLarty (CHAIR) – LACORS Agriculture Focus Group
Alison Bannister – East Renfrewshire Council
Brian Wilson – Stirling & Clackmannanshire Trading Standards
Robert Watson – South Lanarkshire Council
George Begg – Angus Council
Jacqui Angus – Food Standards Agency Scotland

1. Welcome, apologies and meeting administration

Maureen McLarty chaired the meeting in Kate Connelly’s absence. She welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies were given for Kate Connelly (SCOTSS), Marzena Young (Perth and Kinross Council), Jackie Catterall (Animal Medicines Inspectorate), Stephen Thomson (Midlothian Council), Gary Glasgow (Aberdeenshire Council), Derek Taylor (Fife Council), Jane White (Public Analyst).

2. Minute of 12 May 2010 and matters arising

No minutes were available.

George Begg led a discussion on the uplift of waste fish for processing into fishmeal for the feed chain, and the registration/approval requirements for the haulier and the fishmeal producer. It was agreed that the uplift and processing activities should be handled under the Animal By-Products Regulations and arrangements were made to discuss the matter with Scottish Government.

The discussion then extended to the use of bakery waste for feed use and the need for registration as feed businesses. It is proposed that supermarkets that intend to send bakery waste for feed use be registered also as feed businesses. However, it is proposed that this is done on a local authority basis, rather than individual stores.

Alison Bannister queried the point at which such waste becomes feed. If it is at the time of intention, this may be after waste has been collected from food retailers, and then transferred to a processor. In this case, the intention is made at the processor, and the retailer would not be considered a feed business operator.
Action: Jacqui Angus to clarify

3. FSA report

Jacqui Angus presented the FSA report.

Unfortunately, there have been significant delays to clearance for letters to enforcement officers on the issue of drying of feed by convection methods and the use of propcorn. Jacqui Angus hopes to have this soon. A discussion then took place on the requirements for an establishment using propcorn and the need, or otherwise, for approval. Jacqui Angus to clarify.

Following a recent exercise by FSA, it has been established that there are 4 LAs with ports through which imported feed (from third countries) enters the EU. There is no interest in representing Scotland on the National Feed Ports Panel. Jacqui Angus to ensure that minutes are received following the meetings and that any issues that need to be fed into the Ports Panel are done via Jacqui Angus.

The group was provided with a verbal update on the training plans for the latter part of 2010/11:

  • Sampling for feed officers – it was agreed with this would be useful.
  • Feed safety management systems in food businesses – more information is required. Consideration needs to be given to burdens on industry and what is expected of feed enforcement officers.
  • Imported feed – as there are no DPEs in Scotland, if the course is to focus on 669/2009, there will be little or no interest. If the scope is wider, then there may be interest.

Action: Jacqui Angus to clarify

4. Public analyst report

No public analyst’s report was available.

5. Reports from relevant groups

East – No issues raised at previous meeting. The group has agreed to meet twice per year.

North – No meeting since previous Feed Sub-Committee.

West – Next meeting 31 August.

6. Feedstuffs Conference 2010 – deferred

Conference postponed from planned date of 14 September 2010. It was agreed that resource among members of the group is not available to organise and develop a conference during the current financial year.

7. Any other business

A request was made for funding support for officers to attend a conversion course from BS5750/ISO9000 to ISO 22000.
Action: Brian Wilson to supply information to Jacqui Angus

Clarification is required on who is represented on the SFELC Feeds Sub-Committee, the Primary Production Enforcement Working Group (PPEWG) and the main SFELC Committee. Brian Wilson raised concern that while SCOTSS is represented on SFELC, the SFELC Feeds Sub-Committee is not.
Action: Jacqui Angus to discuss with FSA colleagues

Terms of Reference of PPEWG – for further amendment with a view to having agreed at a future meeting.

8. Dates/venues for future meetings

Wednesday 29 November, 1.30pm, Perth