Minutes of Feedstuffs Sub Committee: 20 January 2011

Last updated:
13 October 2011
Meeting held in Perth


Maureen McLarty (CHAIR) – LACORS Agriculture Focus Group
Derek Taylor – Fife Council
Brian Wilson – Stirling & Clackmannanshire TS
Robert Watson – South Lanarkshire Council
George Begg – Angus Council
Jacqui Angus – Food Standards Agency Scotland
Stephen Thom – Midlothian Council
Gary Glasgow – Aberdeenshire Council
Marzena Young – Perth & Kinross Council

1. and 2. Committee business

1. Welcome, apologies and meeting administration

Apologies were given for Kate Connelly (SCOTSS), Jackie Catterall (Animal Medicines Inspectorate), Jane White (Public Analyst) and Alison Bannister (East Renfrewshire Council).

2. Minutes of 25 August 2010 and matters arising

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Jacqui Angus stated that it was FSA opinion that food becomes animal feed is when a food producer makes the decision to consign the material into the feed chain. Maureen McLarty referred to an Animal Health document that dealt with former foods going to feed. Document AHAB#### (published 10/10)
Action: Maureen McLarty will send link

Robert Watson referred to Sugar Rich which will refine confectionary co-products. It was felt that their suppliers should be registered as feed producers.

Jacqui Angus mentioned that it was FSA(S) policy that wrapping material should not be incorporated within feed product derived from former foods.

3. FSA update

Written report provided by Jacqui Angus prior to meeting containing FSA action points from previous meeting of 25 August 2010, FSA report with (AFLEG) meeting 6 October 2010, new legislation, mycotoxin binders and food re-processors.

FVO will visit Scotland at some time between 15 and 28 November 2011.

Three local authorities will be inspected regarding imported feeds (Glasgow, Moray, and Aberdeenshire).

Guidance on Animal Feed sampling from bulk has not been circulated to date.
Low levels of GMO acceptable in feed but not in food; little if any feed crops imported into Scotland.

Mycotoxin binders: still under consideration by FSA (Scotland).

Food re-processors: packaging should be excluded from feed products.

4. Public analyst report

No matters arising

5. Reports from relevant groups

East – Group met in November 2010 and there were some non-attendees.
West – Meeting postponed until February 2011 due to bad weather.
North – Meeting took place in September 2010.

Sample of feeding stuff (fish feed product) contained salmonella. Despite the presence of this organism, it was decided to distribute the feed. Marzena Young only found out about the contamination after the product was distributed. There was thought to be risk of cross-contamination due to storage problems. Marzena Young will raise the question on a more formal basis to the FSA.

Marzena Young asked how far back up the food chain a food business has to be to register as a food business operator. Jacqui Angus stated that Victoria Philips would look into this.


Local Government Regulation (LGR), (formerly LACORS), meeting took place on 22 November 2010. There is an updated MoU between LGR and Defra. It was also raised that anyone producing animal feeds within their own home could refuse entry unless an enforcement officer has a warrant; this view was disputed.

Brian Wilson mentioned query re small-scale pet food producers seeking information re making up pet treats using raw meat that had been fit for human consumption.

Guidance on the labelling of feed for food-producing animals produced in November 2010 and still to be circulated. The Code of Practice for pet food labelling is still being drafted. Jacqui Angus will find out whether the food-producing animals code of practice is available.

It was also stated that copper poisoning incidents are increasing and this is thought to be due to some lack of care with mineral supplement addition to the feed ration.

7. Terms of reference

To be carried forward to next meeting.

8. VMD update

No matters arising.

9. Primary Production Working Group brief

SPPOCS entries to be put on before end of February 2011. If anyone has problems, contact Michael Graves (FSA Scotland) all visits should be recorded from October 2011.

Training organised for primary production visits: email circulated by Brian Wilson.

Primary production visit guidance to be circulated for further comment.

10. Any other business

Marzena Young raised query regarding enforcement with respect to boluses and sought clarification on whether these are addressed under the Feed (Hygiene and Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 2005.

George Begg raised query regarding statutory powers of inspection under official controls legislation; Jacqui Angus has referred this matter for legal interpretation and this matter is still under consideration.

Date of next meeting
Tuesday 3 May 2011