Minutes of Feedstuffs Sub Committee: 3 May 2011

Last updated:
13 October 2011
Meeting held in Perth


Roisin Dillon (Chair) – Inverclyde Council and the Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland (SCOTSS)
Maureen McLarty – South Ayrshire Council and LACORS Agriculture Focus Group
Derek Taylor – Fife Council
Brian Wilson – Stirling & Clackmannanshire Trading Standards
Robert Watson – South Lanarkshire Council
George Begg – Angus Council
Jacqui Angus – Food Standards Agency Scotland
Stephen Thomson – Midlothian Council
Gary Glasgow – Aberdeenshire Council
Marzena Young – Perth & Kinross Council
Jackie Catteral – Animal Medicines Inspectorate (AMI)

1. Feed regulation in relation to game estates

Jackie Catteral (AMI) confirmed that game feed mainly medicated, and their approach in relation to who has responsibility for feed on game estate is, either the owner or keeper of birds, could be the landowner if birds owned by a syndicate.

2. Registration of supermarkets etc. as feed businesses

Discussion arose over progress. At that point information was available only regarding Sainsbury’s. However, applications have been lodged by Tesco for registration in many local authorities. It also came to light that a new biogas plant was operating in North Ayrshire, approved for ABP and a local authority was aware that one of their HA businesses intention was to consign all food waste there.

3. Issue arising from discovery of lead in animal bedding and potential harm from skin contact of animals entering food chain.

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) stated that in its guidance document it is made clear to farmers that any sawdust type bedding must be made from untreated wood. Animals given all clear on this occasion, but highlighted a potential issue as cost of traditional bedding rises.

4. National Animal Feed Ports Panel

There is no Scottish representation on this body. Cost/logistical issues may be partly resolved by use of technology, videoconferencing etc. In relation to ports, concern over lack of powers in legislation to allow documentary inspections of feed, if the feed was no longer present, amendment to legislation would be required.

5. Qualifications/grandfather rights for those not holding prescribed qualifications

Discussion arose that people had had five years to attain these, but also that FSA could consider other relevant qualifications if of a required standard such as an agriculture degree.

6. Isotope identification project for the geographic origin of beef and lamb

6. QMS updated that isotope identification project for the geographic origin of beef and lamb was complete and available to assist local authorities in relation to complaints over origin, PGIs and so on.