Minutes of Feedstuffs Sub Committee Meeting: 30 September 2009

Last updated:
9 April 2010
Meeting held at Glasgow Scientific Services.

Committee Business

Alison Bannister (East Renfrew)
Derek Taylor (Fife)
Marzena Young (Perth and Kinross)
Andrea Farquhar (Aberdeenshire)
Stuart Joyce (Glasgow Scientific Services)
Brian Wilson (Stirling and Clackmannanshire)
Stephen Thomson (Midlothian)
Kate Connelly (SCOTSS, Argyll and Bute)
Caitlin Stott (SCOTSS)

Welcome, minute-taking duties and apologies
Caitlin Stott took the minutes of the meeting.

Apologies were received from Robert Watson (South Lanarkshire), Maureen McLarty (South Ayrshire), Jacqui Angus (Food Standards Agency), Jackie Catterall (Animal Medicines Inspectorate), George Begg (Angus), Pauline Wilkinson (Food Standards Agency), Gary Glasgow (Aberdeenshire), Mungo Howat (South Lanarkshire, Animal Health)

Minutes of previous meeting
A number of points for amendment were identified by the group. Caitlin Stott agreed to make the amendments and to circulate a revised version.

Update from the Food Standards Agency

Jacqui Angus had circulated a report to members prior to the meeting.

Marzena Young noted that the FSA auditing programme was to commence in 2010. She queried whether Scotland would be involved.

Brian Wilson suggested that there could be a speaker for FSA policy at the following year's conference. It was suggested that the proposal be included in discussions of the conference at the next meeting.

Brian Wilson noted that that the FVO was carrying out unannounced visits to farms that had not been visited in the past. It was suggested that this may have been linked to issues relating to hostility on farms, which was currently being discussed at the Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland (SCOTSS).

Reports from other relevant groups

The LACORS report had been circulated by Maureen McClarty prior to the meeting.

Brian Wilson asked for clarification about HACCP issues.

Marzena Young suggested that there was a need to look at the formal FVO report in order to clarify certain issues. There was some discussion on the interpretation of the FVO's information contained in the LACORS report.

Reports from Regional Quality Systems (QS) Groups

West: minutes of the West of Scotland Quality Group meeting were circulated by Alison Bannister.

East: minutes of the East of Scotland Quality Group meeting were circulated by Brian Wilson.

North: the North of Scotland Quality Group meeting would take place in November.

Update from Public Analysts

A report was circulated by Stuart Joyce.

Planning for Feedstuffs Conference 2010

This topic was the main business of the meeting and was summarised separately. Further discussion to take place at the next meeting.

Any other business

Marzena Young and Brian Wilson had been accepted for free European training programmes. The group offered their congratulations. Brian Wilson would write an article on the training for Trading Standards Today (TS Today) magazine.

The Chair introduced a query raised by Rob Watson relating to clean animals being brought to market but leaving in a much dirtier condition from the concrete stalls where they are held. It was agreed that this should be raised with the market concerned.

The Chair also raised a query from David McCulloch relating to FSA funding. Some discussion followed and it was decided that members of the group should email him directly about this issue.

Date of next meeting
The next meeting would be held in Perth at a date to be arranged.