Horse meat investigation

The FSA is investigating, in conjunction with other government departments, local authorities and the food industry, how a number of beef products on sale in the UK came to contain horse meat.

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  • Timeline on horse meat issue

    Timeline of statements and news stories on the horse meat investigation published by the Food Standards Agency.

  • Horse meat: answer to your questions

    This page will be updated as the investigation continues.

  • Horse meat investigation: industry test results

    This page will be updated with the results of industry testing as the investigation continues.

  • Advice for consumers

    The Agency is currently investigating how a number of beef products sold in the UK came to contain horse DNA. As part of the investigation, we have ordered food businesses to test their beef products. Whenever horse meat has been found at levels above 1%, we have insisted that it be tested for the drug phenylbutazone (bute).

  • Consumer research

    The Food Standards Agency commissioned a series of Citizens Forums between February and June 2013 to establish an ongoing dialogue with the public on food standards and safety, and to explore consumers' views about trace DNA of unlabelled animal species in processed meat.

  • Horse meat investigation: Local authority test results

    Results of local authority testing of beef products.