Food sampling resources

The Food Standards Agency supports local authority food sampling programmes that are regularly carried out to ensure the safety of our food supply.

Food sampling forms an integral part of local authority food law enforcement and it can provide useful information to help effective enforcement of food law and contribute to improved food safety and standards.

The Agency provides local authorities with practical guidance on food standards and feedingstuffs sampling to help ensure enforcement arrangements are consistent and proportionate.

More in this section

  • Food standards and feedingstuffs sampling guidance

    Monday 2 August 2004

    Guidance documents on food standards and feedingstuffs sampling developed through the Sampling Co-ordination Working Group (SCWG) and endorsed by the Enforcement Liaison Group (ELG).

  • Mycotoxins in foodstuffs sampling advice

    Monday 23 July 2007

    This sampling advice is intended to provide information to enforcement authorities and food business operators on the legislation regarding mycotoxins in foodstuffs and the official methods of sampling certain foods for mycotoxins.

  • National co-ordinated food sampling programme

    Wednesday 9 July 2014

    The Food Standards Agency has been working with UK local authorities since 2003 to support Enforcement Authority risk-based sampling and surveillance of food sold in the UK, whether it is imported or produced in the EU or UK.

  • Sampling food and feed for genetically modified (GM) material: Guidance for enforcement officers

    Thursday 13 December 2007

    The Food Standards Agency (FSA) supplementary guidance on the sampling of GM food and feed for enforcement officers, following a European Commission (EC) Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) Mission to the UK in June 2006.