Last updated on 8 September 2005

Safer Food Better Business Special Grant Scheme

Grants Awarded 8 September 2005

Lead Authority Partner Las Project title Grant Awarded
Bath and North East Somerset   Safer Food Better Business Implementation Project- Bath and North East Somerset 55,310
Telford and Wrekin   This is the way to Safer Food, Better Business. 8,288
Boston   Safer Food Better Business Boston 42,505
Braintree   A Co-ordinated programme for the dissemination of Safer Food Better Business to small catering businesses within Braintree District 40,279
Breckland   SFBB Catering in Breckland 104,544
London Borough of Brent   The provision of support to small businesses in Brent to comply with EU Food Hygiene Regulations 2005 82,661
Brentwood Braintree Implementation of 'safer food better business' in Essex. Indian and Chinese cuisine establishments in Essex 107,678
  Castle Point    
  Epping Forest    
  Southend on Sea    
Brentwood   Implementation of 'safer food better business' in catering businesses in Essex 42,760
Bridgnorth   Introducing and Implementing Safer Food, Better Business in small businesses in Bridgnorth DC to assist compliance with the new legislation 70,087
Brighton and Hove City Adur District Adur, Worthing, Brighton & Hove SFBB Assistance for Small Businesses Project. 117,259
Stoke on Trent Newcastle-under-Lyme Better food safety for North Staffordshire through improved safety management in catering businesses 18,260
Derby City   Introducing the �Safer Food, Better Business� pack in catering businesses within the City of Derby in collaboration with the Food and Drink Forum, through a series of programmed workshops, and one to one mentoring. 26,925
Dudley   Delivering implementation by Dudley food businesses of the "Safer food, better business" food safety management system 19,061
East Staffordshire   Achieving Safer Food, Better Business in East Sfaffordshire 11,580
Fareham Portsmouth CC South Hampshire and Isle of Wight multi Authority SFBB Funding Bid 93,398
  Isle of Wight council    
  Gosport BC    
  Havant BC    
Harrogate Craven To aid amall catering and retail businesses in the Harrogate and Craven District through adopting the "Safer Food Better Business" model to implement and document a food safety management system in line with future legal requirements and to reward compliant businesses through an accreditation scheme. 118,672
Kennet North Wiltshire Safe Food Better Business in Wiltshire and Swindon 168,750
  West Wiltshire    
Lewes Wealden Achieving Quality Food Safety Systems in Sussex- A Paetnership Approach 237,364
London Borough of Enfield   Implementation of safer food better business in food businesses in the London Borough of Enfield 36,759
London Borough of Islington   Implementation of SFBB within 50 small catering businesses (category c) on the A1 in Islington 15,910
London Borough of Tower Hamlets Barking and Dagenham London Food Co-ordinating Group Safer Food Better Business Project 403,276
  Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea    
  Waltham Forest    
Mansfield   Mansfield District Council "Creating a District Where People Can Succeed" - In Providing Safer Food Better Business 44,943
Medway   Safer Food Better Business In Medway- Supporting Businesses To Ensure Safer Food 160,595
Mendip   "Safer Food Better Business" in Mendip 24,710
Mid Devon Exeter The Safer Food Better Business Partnership in Exeter, Mid and East Devon 106,513
  East Devon    
Middlesbrough Darlington Safer Food/ Tees Valley 445,740
  Redcar and Cleveland    
  Stockton on Tees    
Newark and Sherwood Mansfield Introducing Safer Food, Better Business 50,351
North Cornwall Restormel To educate as many catering businesses within 3 of the largest rural district councils of Cornwall, namely North Cornwall District Council (NCDC), Restormel Borough Council (RBC) and Caradon District Council (CDC) in Safer Food Better Business (SFBB), through seminar and one to one visits as successfully trialled by (NCDC) in conjunction with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Checkmate International (Cmi). This will help to ensure a smooth lead in period for the new regulations. 648,287
North Lincolnshire Kingston-upon-Hull City Humber Food Safety Business Challenge 110,250
  East Riding of Yorkshire    
  North East Lincolnshire    
North West Food Alliance Allerdale SFBB in the North West: Support and cohesion through capacity building 338,670
  Crewe and Nantwich    
  Eden District    
  Ellesmere Port and Neston    
  South Lakeland    
  Vale Royal    
Oldham   OMBC working in partnership with Oldham Chamberlink and Oldham Asian Business Association to provide Business Support and Delivery of Safer Food Better Business in Oldham 28,922
Oxford City   Implementing Safer Food, Better Business in small independent caterers and retailers in Oxford City 84,364
Plymouth City   Delivering 'Safer food, better business' in Plymouth 100,000
Rushcliffe   Application for funding to implement Safer Food Better Business within the Borough of Rushcliffe 12,372
South Gloucestershire   Providing a successful scheme to implement the SFBB into all A, B, Chinese, Indian and Turkish premises within South Gloucestershire. 11,750
South Holland   Safer Food Better Business in South Holland 22,030
Southend   Southend Caterers Manage it with SFBB 67,941
St Helens   Safer Food Better Business Partnership in St Helens 41,524
Stafford   Safer Food Better Business for Stafford Borough 32,943
Stevenage Bedford Catering Safety In Herts and Beds 144,688
  East Herts    
  Mid Beds    
  North Herts    
  South Beds    
  St Albans    
  Three Rivers    
Stratford on Avon   To successfully implement the 'Safer Food Better Business' model within 220 small businesses in the Stratford on Avon DC area. To increase the awareness among other catering businesses of the benefits and advantages of this food safety management system, who may be able to use part of the scheme to augment their current procedures. 34,968
Stroud Cheltenham To provide countywide support to Gloucestershire small catering businesses in their understanding and implementation of � Safer Food Better Business� as a minimum standard. 306,350
  Forest of Dean    
Suffolk Coastal Babergh A programme of activities to support Suffolk food businesses in their understanding and compliance with EU Regulations 852/2004 & 853/2004 and assistance for relevant businesses in implementing the Safer Food Better Business Toolkit. 90,610
  Forest Heath    
  Mid Suffolk    
  St Edmundsbury    
Taunton Deane   Taunton Deane Borough Council and Somerset Skills Alliance- Safer Food, Better Business Project 20,273
Teignbirdge South Hams Introduction of the Safer Food Better Business Food Safety Management Tool In Catering Businesses Within the Teignbridge and South Hams Areas of South Devon 80,008
Torbay   A project to help food businesses comply with the new EU regulation 852/2004 coming into force in January 2006 by the practical implementation of the Safer Food Better Business pack. 118,726
Torridge North Devon Safer Food, Better Business in Torridge and North Devon 137,712
Trafford   Trafford M.B.C scheme to empower selected small catering businesses to adopt, implement and maintain documented food safety management systems based on Safer food, better business (SFBB) model 50,418
Tynedale Alnwick A Collaborative Bid by the Northumberland Food Liaison Group for Funding from The FSA to implement SFBB- Safe Food Northumberland 78,561
  Berwick upon Tweed    
  Castle Morpeth    
  Blyth Valley    
London Borough of Wandsworth Members of SW London Food Liaison Group (for combined training only). Project to set up a series of practical training workshops and support visits for local catering businesses in Wandsworth 23,500
Welwyn Hatfield   Easy as� SFBB Welwyn Hatfield Safer Food Better Business Campaign 8,195
Westminster City   Implementing Safer Food Better Business in Category C rated catering premises located in Westminster City Council 57,924
Winchester City Basingstoke and Dean A collaborative initiative between six local authorities in North Hampshire and CMi Consulting to improve standards of food safety by the implementation of SFBB. This will be targeted at 1020 small catering businesses and will link in with the existing inspection programme over an 18 month inspection interval for the selected Category C businesses. 231,703
  East Hampshire    
  Test Valley    
N.B. The grants awarded are provisional and are subject to final contract arrangements