The 'Food and You' survey

Food and You is a biennial survey that collects robust quantitative data to allow us to compare reported attitudes and behaviours between different groups within the population, and how these change over time. The survey is an important vehicle for measuring progress against the FSA strategy.

Food and You 2010 and 2012

Secondary data analysis of the Waves 1 and 2 data has been conducted to further explore domestic food safety practices. The report of this work can be found via the link below.

About Food and You surveys

In 2009, the FSA carried out a scoping study to review existing research (predominately quantitative) exploring attitudes and reported knowledge and behaviours towards food. As a result of this study, the FSA decided to commission the Food and You survey.

More than 3,000 face-to-face interviews with randomly selected adults across the UK are carried out in each wave of the survey. The survey also gives us the opportunity to carry out follow-up interviews (with people who give us their permission to do so) to explore some issues in greater depth.

Food and You is compliant with the Government Social Research (GSR) Code of Practice. Compliant reports are published with the GSR logo.

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