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  • Eating out of home: filling the knowledge gap

    Tuesday 8 April 2014

    The easy availability of calorie-rich foods and drinks may be encouraging weight gain leading to overweight and obesity. The perception is that many meals eaten out of home are high in calories. Work by the Scottish Government and the Food Standards Agency in Scotland (FSAS) is underway with retailers, caterers and manufacturers to reduce calories in foods eaten inside and outside the home.

  • Food Standards Agency invites tenders for campylobacter research

    Monday 31 March 2014

    The Food Standards Agency is inviting tenders to research factors affecting variations in campylobacter disease rates in Scotland. The deadline for applications in Tuesday 12 May 2014.

  • Results of trans and saturated fats in takeaway food study published

    Monday 31 March 2014

    The results have been published of a study that investigated the levels of trans and saturated fats in fats/oils and foods from takeaways in deprived areas of Scotland. In summary, the levels of trans fats in the sampled takeaway foods were not found to be at a level of public health concern.