Safety and Hygiene: Scotland

FSA Scotland promotes food safety and the hygienic preparation of food

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  • ButcherSafe

    ButcherSafe is for UK butchers who handle or produce both raw and ready-to-eat food. This manual places strong emphasis on the control and protection of ready-to-eat food.

  • CookSafe

    CookSafe helps catering businesses in Scotland understand and implement HACCP-based systems. By reading this manual and following the instructions, you will be able to develop HACCP-based procedures that fit your needs.

  • Eat Safe award

    The Eat Safe award was devised in Northern Ireland and began in June 2003. It was subsequently launched in Scotland in January 2005.

  • Food Hygiene Information Scheme in Scotland

    Scottish consumers can see how well food businesses in their area have fared in their last food hygiene inspection. Search for hygiene inspection results in Scotland at

  • Food and feed hygiene on farms in Scotland

    There are rules relating to the hygiene of food and animal feed on farms. The legislation lays out what's required for good hygiene practice, good animal feeding practice and record-keeping in relation to farm activities, which are known as 'primary production'.

  • Guidance on outbreaks of foodborne disease in Scotland

    A revision of the guidelines on the investigation and control of outbreaks of foodborne disease in Scotland was agreed by the Scottish Executive Health Department and the Food Standards Agency Scotland.

  • RetailSafe

    RetailSafe has been designed for retailers in Scotland handling unwrapped high-risk foods. It has been designed to assist with compliance with the food hygiene regulations and is built on the CookSafe approach and structure.

  • Review of official controls delivery

    The Food Standards Agency reviewed how local authorities and port health authorities carry out activities to monitor and secure business compliance with food law. These activities are collectively known as 'official controls'.

  • Shellfish monitoring in Scotland

    Results of the weekly biotoxin monitoring programme in Scotland and details of the Shellfish Harvesting Classification areas for Scotland.