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Aodhan O’Donnell - Member of the Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee

Northern Ireland specific
Outlines the professional history and qualifications of the members of the Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee.

During his career, Aodhan developed a wide range of networks and relationships across all levels including voluntary and community, statutory partners and at a political level both local, Westminster and EU, which support the work of the Advisory Committee.

Aodhan chair’s the North/South Consumers Network which provides a key route to identifying consumer issues and concerns on a cross-border basis and is also due to be confirmed as a member of the European Consumer Consultative Network (ECCG), which is active on food issues including supply chain issues, labelling and nutritional claims.

Within the Consumer Council he has ensured the organisation engages more effectively with industry including retail, processors/producers and farming groups helping address consumer issues.

Personal Interests

Consultancies and/or direct employment

  • Power to Switch (NI and ROI)

Fee Paid Work

  • N/A


  • Power to Switch Ltd (NI) 100% Shareholdings
  • Power to Switch Ltd (ROI) 100% Shareholdings

Clubs and other organisations

  • N/A

Non-personal Interests


  • N/A

Indirect Support

  • N/A


  • N/A

Land and Property

  • One Private Property (home)
  • One Rented Property

Other public appointments

  • N/A

Other non-personal interests