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Catherine Bowles, Acting Director of Strategy, Legal and Governance

Information about the Food Standards Agency's Chief Executive and directors.

Catherine has been with the FSA since its creation. She became Deputy Director – EU Exit, Regulatory and Legal Strategy in September 2017 and Acting Director Strategy, Legal and Governance in July 2019.

At the FSA she has led the negotiation of the EU food hygiene regulations.  She previously managed the delivery unit which provides support to official control delivery by local authorities. She was also joint programme manager for the creation of FSA’s Operations Group ensuring that it is structured and organised to deliver food and feed controls to protect consumers.  In this role, she initiated the work of the Review of Official Controls Delivery. 

An almost 40-year career in the Civil Service has included a wide range of jobs in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and its executive agencies. Over that time, Catherine has been a ministerial private secretary, and has been responsible for several areas of food policy and international fisheries negotiations. She has also been responsible for developing and running an HR function and has managed and delivered a significant reward and performance management review.