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The Food Standards Agency now has content in different forms across the web. Find out what we have to offer including our interactive tools, campaign adverts, podcasts and RSS news feeds.


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Our corporate site contains all the latest Food Standards Agency news, Food alerts, Consultations, science, research and regulatory information.


NHS Choices

Much of our consumer advice is now on NHS Choices.

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Get the facts about food safety via the Agency's YouTube channel:

Food Safety Week

Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme

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Food hygiene training videos


Open Board meetings podcast service
Food Standards Agency Open Board Meetings are also available as podcasts. Subscribing to our podcasts means that complete audio coverage of each meeting is automatically downloaded onto your computer or MP3 player for listening to at your convenience. Get our podcasts


Our FSA Facebook page
For news and advice, like us at: facebook.com/FoodStandardsAgency

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme
For the latest updates on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, like us at: facebook.com/FoodHygieneRatingScheme

FSA in Northern Ireland
For the latest updates on the FSA in Northern Ireland, like us at: facebook.com/FSAInNI

FSA on Facebook in Welsh/Cymraeg
For the latest updates in Welsh/Cymraeg, like us at: facebook.com/AsiantaethSafonauBwyd

Interactive training tools

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Food allergy training online An interactive food allergy training tool, developed by the Agency, highlights steps that should be followed to make sure good practice is used in the manufacture and production of food.

Vacuum packing training online An online training course about vacuum packing and modified atmosphere packing of food, developed by the Agency, aims to give enforcement officers a better understanding of these packing processes, and the importance of microbiological safety in their use.

Food hygiene videos online The FSA's Food safety coaching and Bacteria Bite Business videos, which demonstrate the importance of good food hygiene, are available to watch online.

Food sampling advice video online As part of the Agency’s continuing commitment to low cost training for local authority food enforcement officers, you can see our food sampling video online.

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The Food Standards Agency website uses a free news feed so it's now even easier to stay updated with news, press releases, food alerts and allergy alerts.
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