Chief Scientific Advisor Science Reports

The Chief Scientific Advisor Science Reports are a series of regular updates that aim to give you a greater understanding of our science and insights into some of our cutting edge work.

Report on Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Our Chief Scientific Adviser’s seventh science report looks at the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS), and its impact on food safety especially where the scheme is mandatory. 

Report on use of data science in the FSA

Our Chief Scientific Advisor’s sixth science report looks at data science and how it is helping the Agency to achieve its core objective of becoming a data driven organisation.

Report on food allergy and intolerance

Our Chief Scientific Advisor’s fifth science report explains the complex and evolving science behind food allergy and intolerance.

Report on Antimicrobial Resistance

Our Chief Scientific Advisor’s fourth science report examines the science behind antimicrobial resistance and presents the latest findings around the role that food plays in the problem.

Report on whole-genome sequencing

Our Chief Scientific Advisor’s third science report focuses on whole-genome sequencing, the science of mapping the genetic make-up of micro-organisms, and how this new technology can help the FSA’s work to ensure food is safe and authentic.

Report on food chemicals

Our Chief Scientific Advisor’s second science report focuses on seeking and acting on independent expert advice on food chemicals. The report was published November 2015.

Report on foodborne viruses

Our Chief Scientific Advisor’s first science report focuses on foodborne viruses. The report was published March 2015.

Annual Science Report for 2013/14

The report, which can be found at the link below, provides links to all of the FSA’s science and evidence research programmes and other scientific work, and helps you to examine issues in more detail.

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