Board meeting agenda: 4 June 2013


1pm Chair's introduction and apologies for absence (5 mins)

1.05pm Minutes and actions arising (5 mins)
Minutes of the Open Meeting held on 17 April 2013
FSA 13/06/01

Actions arising
FSA 13/06/02

1.10pm Reports
Chair's report (oral) (5 mins)
Jeff Rooker

Chief Executive's report (15 mins)
FSA 13/06/03 | Performance management report Q4 2012/2013 | Business plan quarterly data Q4 2012/2013
Catherine Brown

1.30pm Decision items
Radioactivity in food monitoring (25 mins)
FSA 13/06/04
Steve Wearne

Food authenticity (30 mins)
FSA 13/06/05
Andrew Rhodes

FSA role in relation to contamination of halal food (20 mins)
FSA 13/06/06
Rod Ainsworth

2.45pm Discussion items
Annual report of the audit committee
FSA 13/06/07
Henrietta Campbell

Annual report of the risk committee
FSA 13/06/08
Margaret Gilmore

3.15pm Break (15 mins)

3.30pm GM-free labelling of food
FSA 13/06/09 | Annexe A | Annexe B | Annexe C | Annexe D
Steve Wearne

Update by external reviewer of the horse meat incident (oral) (45 mins)
Professor Pat Troop

4.40pm Information items
Reports from the Chairs of the Food Advisory Committees

Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee
INFO 13/06/01

Welsh Food Advisory Committee
INFO 13/06/02

Scottish Food Advisory Committee
INFO 13/06/03

4.45pm Any other business

4.50pm Close of meeting

Q&A session (30 mins)

5.20pm Close