Board meeting agenda: 22 January 2013


1:00pm Chair's Introduction and Apologies for Absence (5 mins)

1:05pm Minutes and Actions Arising
Minutes of the Open Meeting held on 11 December 2012 (5 mins)
FSA 13/01/01

Actions Arising (5 mins)
FSA 13/01/02

1:15pm Reports
Chair’s Report (oral) (5 mins)
Jeff Rooker

Chief Executive's Report (15 mins)
FSA 13/01/03
Transcript of Catherine Brown's oral update to FSA Board
Catherine Brown

1:35pm Decision Items
Strategy to 2015 – endorsement of changes (30 mins)
FSA 13/01/04
Steve Wearne

Future of the Advisory Committee on Consumer Engagement (20 mins)
FSA 13/01/05
Stephen Humphreys

Food Information to Consumers Regulation (20 mins)
FSA 13/01/06
Elspeth Macdonald and Sue Hattersley

2.45pm Break (20 mins)

3:05pm Discussion Items
Annual Report from the Succession and Development Committee (15 mins)
FSA 13/01/07
John Spence

Annual Food Safety Report (30 mins)
FSA 13/01/08
Alison Gleadle

Olympic and Paralympic Games Report (15 mins)
FSA 13/01/09
Sarah Appleby and Alan Noonan

Operations Group Quarter 2 (July –September) 2012/13 Performance Update (15 mins)
FSA 13/01/10 | Report
Sarah Appleby and Liz Olney

4:20pm Information Items
Reports from the Chairs of the Food Advisory Committees
Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee
INFO 13/01/01
Welsh Food Advisory Committee
INFO 13/01/02
Scottish Food Advisory Committee
INFO 13/01/03

4:25pm Any other business

4:30pm Close of meeting

Q&A session (30 mins)

5:00pm Close