Board meeting agenda: 5 March 2014


9am Chair's introduction and apologies for absence (5 mins)
Tim Bennett

9.05am Minutes and actions arising
Minutes of the Open Board Meeting held on 21 January 2014 (5 mins)
FSA 14/03/01

Actions arising (5 mins)
FSA 14/03/02

9.20am Reports
Chair's report (oral) (10 mins)
Tim Bennett

Chief Executive's report (15 mins)
FSA 14/03/03 | Annexe
Catherine Brown

9.45am Strategic/policy papers
FSA Legal Powers in the context of the Interim Report of the Elliott Review into the Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks (20 mins)
FSA 14/03/04
Rod Ainsworth
Robert Madge
Gareth Williams

Situation Report – Reduction of Campylobacter from poultry (35 mins)
FSA 14/03/05
Steve Wearne
Javier Dominguez-Orive

10.40am Break (20 mins)

Mandatory fortification of bread and flour with Folic Acid – advice to Scottish Ministers (35 mins)
FSA 14/03/06
Elspeth MacDonald

FSA Salt Programme update: Scotland and Northern Ireland (35 mins)
FSA 14/03/07
Maria Jennings

Proposal to Merge FSA Audit and FSA Risk Committees (5 mins)
FSA 14/03/10
Tim Bennett

12.15pm Information papers

Food Advisory Committees papers (10 mins)
NIFAC INFO 14/03/01
WFAC INFO 14/03/02
SFAC INFO 14/03/03

12.25pm Any other business


12.30pm Break (10 mins)

12.40pm Business committee
Minutes and actions arising
Tim Bennett

Performance Update on Operational Activity (25 mins)
FSA 14/03/08 | FSA 14/03/08 (Interactive Word document)
Andrew Rhodes
Liz Olney

Finance Update - March 2014 (20 mins)
FSA 14/03/09
Chris Hitchen

13.25pm Any other business


Q&A session (30 mins)