Board meeting agenda: 21 January 2014


1pm Chair's introduction and apologies for absence (5 mins)

1.05pm Minutes and actions arising
Minutes of the Open Meeting held on 5 November 2013 (5 mins)
FSA 14/01/01

Actions arising (5 mins)
FSA 14/01/02

1.15pm Reports
Chair's report (oral) (10 mins)
Tim Bennett

Chief Executive's report (20 mins)
FSA 14/01/03 | Annexe
Catherine Brown

1.45pm Decision items
Setting a threshold for contamination of processed meat products with undeclared meat species (30 mins)
FSA 14/01/04 | Annexe A | Annexe B Annexe C
Steve Wearne

2.15pm Discussion items
Update on post-Horsemeat reviews and action plans (30 mins)
FSA 14/01/05
Andrew Rhodes

2.45pm Break (20 mins)

3.05pm Discussion items continued

Innovation in the Food Industry and the Regulator’s Role (40 mins)
FSA 14/01/06 | Annexe 1 and 2 | Presentation: A perspective on drivers for innovation in the UK food industry | Presentation: How innovations are developed, A food company perspective
Steve Wearne

Consumer Engagement – how we listen to and communicate with customers (30 mins)
FSA 14/01/07
Stephen Humphreys

Review of Audit arrangements in FSA Approved Meat Establishments within the UK (20 mins)
FSA 14/01/08 | Statement from Industry
Andrew Rhodes

An oral update on a draft framework for voluntary action by the food and drink industry to improve Scotland’s dietary health (10 mins)
Charles Milne

Continuous Improvement Review Of Governance – Towards An Ever More Open FSA (20 mins)
FSA 14/01/09

4.55pm Information items

Reports from the Chairs of the Food Advisory Committees (10 mins)

Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee
INFO 14/01/01

Welsh Food Advisory Committee
INFO 14/01/02

Scottish Food Advisory Committee
INFO 14/01/03

Annual Report from the Chair of the Succession & Development Committee
INFO 14/01/04

5.05pm Any other business

5.10pm Close of meeting

Q&A session (30 mins)

5.40pm Close