Stuart Reid

Last updated:
29 September 2017
Stuart Reid
Board Member

Stuart Reid is Principal of the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), University of London. An alumnus of the University of Glasgow, he became one of its youngest professors in 1996 and dean in 2005, before moving to the RVC in 2011.

Stuart is recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) as a specialist in veterinary epidemiology and in veterinary public health by the European Board of Veterinary Specialists, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and the Royal Society of Edinburgh. His research interests are currently focused on zoonotic disease and antimicrobial resistance. He has over 160 scientific publications, most recently in PNAS and Science, and has secured over £15m in competitive funding during his career.

Stuart was President of the RCVS in 2014-15, a year which saw the launch of a new Royal Charter, the introduction of the courtesy title of 'Dr' for UK veterinarians, the embracing by the College of its international diaspora, and a far reaching overhaul of its 50 year old governance structures. In addition, two major initiatives, Vet Futures and Mind Matters, were initiated. He also ran the 2015 London marathon to raise awareness and £14k for mental health issues in the profession.

In his public service, he has been a trustee of The Donkey Sanctuary since 1996 and Chairman of Trustees since 2007. The charity is now the largest of its kind worldwide. He is a Trustee of the University of London.

Stuart has been recognised for his work by industry (Pfizer, Petplan Charitable Trust), the profession (the British Veterinary Associations Wooldridge Medal), his alma mater (the McCall Lecture, University of Glasgow) and his scientific discipline in the UK, EU and USA.

Paid employment, office or profession

Principal, The Royal Veterinary College

Directorships, whether paid or not

London BioScience Innovation Centre (RVC Subsidiary) – Director

RVC (Hong Kong) Ltd (RVC Subsidiary) – Director

RVC Developments Ltd (RVC Subsidiary) – Director

Membership of public bodies, trusteeship of a charity or other public or private trust, or membership, role or affiliation to clubs or organisations

The Donkey Sanctuary - Chairman of Trustees

Animal Care Trust - Trustee (Ex Officio)