Board meeting agenda: 9 September 2015

Aviation House, London


9am Chair's introduction and apologies for absence (5 min)
Tim Bennett

9.05am-9.15am​ Minutes and actions arising

9.05am-9.10am (5 min) Minutes of the Board Meeting held on 15 July 2015
Paper FSA 15/09/01
Tim Bennett

9.10am-9.15am (5 min) Actions arising  
Paper FSA 15/09/02
Tim Bennett

9.15am-9.40am Reports

9.15am-9.25am (10min) Chair’s report (oral)
Tim Bennett

9.25am-9.40am (15 min) Chief Executive’s Report
Paper FSA 15/09/03
Catherine Brown

9.40am-12.40pm Strategic/Policy papers

9.40-10.20am (40 min) Development of the framework for controls relating to foods where risks per serving are significant, and its further application to burgers served rare in catering outlets
Paper FSA 15/09/04
Steve Wearne
Michael Jackson
Paul Cook

10.20-11.00am (40 min) Stow Project - phase 2
Paper FSA 15/09/05
Jason Feeney
Chris Hitchen

11.00am-11.20am (20 min) Break

11.20-12.00am (40 min) Progress Update on Development of the National Food Crime Unit and Other Key Recommendations of the Post Horsemeat Reviews
Paper FSA 15/09/06
Jason Feeney
Will Creswell

12.00-12.20pm (20 min) Update on European Commission’s Amendments to the TSE Regulations – Implications for the UK
Paper FSA 15/09/07
Steve Wearne
Javier Dominguez

12.20pm-12.30pm (10 min) Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (oral report)
Paul Wiles

12.30pm-12.40pm Information Papers

12.30pm-12.40pm (10 min) FAC Papers
Paper INFO 15/09/01
Paper INFO 15/09/02

12.40pm-12.45pm (5 min) Any other business

12.45pm Close of Board meeting

12:45pm-1.15pm (up to 30 min) Q&A Session

1.15pm-1.45pm (30 min) Lunch

1.45pm-3pm Business Committee

1.45pm-1.50pm (5 min) Minutes from 3 June meeting
Paper FSA 15/09/08

1.50pm-1.55pm (5 min) Actions Arising from 3 June meeting
Paper FSA 15/09/09

1.55pm-2.15pm (20 min) Resource and Performance Update - September 2015
Paper FSA 15/09/10
Chris Hitchen
Richard McLean
Jason Feeney
Liz Olney

2.15pm-2.35pm (20 min) Exercise Prometheus​
Paper FSA 15/09/11
Jason Feeney
Will Creswell
Noel Sykes

2.35pm-2.55pm (20 min) 2012 Capability Review - Final Update​
Paper FSA 15/09/12
Chris Hitchen
Richard McLean

2.55pm-3pm (5 min) Any other business

3pm Close of business committee