Board meeting agenda: 16 March 2016

Aviation House, London


9am-9.05am Chair's introduction and apologies for absence      
Tim Bennett

9.05-9.15 Minutes and actions arising        

9.05am-9.10am (5 min) Minutes of the Board Meeting held on 28 January 2016
FSA 16/03/01    
Tim Bennett

9.10am-9.15am (5 min) Actions Arising
FSA 16/03/02    
Tim Bennett

9.15am-9.40am​ Reports

9.15am-9.25am (10 min) Chair’s Report
Oral Report
Tim Bennett

9:25am-9:40am (15 min) Chief Executive’s Report
FSA 16/03/03
Catherine Brown

9:40am-13:00pm Strategic/Policy papers

9.40am-10.20am (40 min) FSA Innovation Plan
Rod Ainsworth
Chris Harvey 

10:20am-11:00am (40 min) FSA Triennial Review of six SACs: Publication of Final Report
FSA 16/03/05
Guy Poppy
Susan Pryde

11am-11.20am (20 min) Break

11.20am-12.20pm (60 min) Campylobacter Reduction: Update on Progress and Next Steps
FSA 16/03/06    
Steve Wearne
Kevin Hargin

12.20pm-12.50pm (30 min) Stow Project Phase 2 – Sustainable Funding Model Project Scope
FSA 16/03/07
Jason Feeney
Richard Collier

12.50pm-1pm(10 min)
Audit & Risk Assurance Committee
Oral Update
Jim Smart

1pm-1.30pm Information papers

1pm-1.10pm  (10 min) Radioactivity in Food Monitoring Update
INFO 16/03/01
Steve Wearne

1.10pm-1.20pm (10 min) Annual Report of the Succession & Development Committee
INFO 16/03/02
Jeff Halliwell

1.20pm-1.30pm (10 min) Food Advisory Committee Papers
INFO 16/03/03INFO 16/03/04

1.30pm-1.35pm (5 min) AOB

1.35pm Close of Board meeting

1.35pm-2.05pm (up to 30 min) Q&A Session

2.05pm-2.35pm (30 min) Lunch

2.35pm-2.40pm Business Committee

2.35pm-2.40pm (5 min) Minutes from 18 November 2015 meeting
FSA 16/03/08    
Tim Bennett

2.40pm-2.45pm (5 min) Actions Arising from 18 November 2015 meeting
FSA 16/03/09    
Tim Bennett

2.45pm-3.05pm (20 min) Performance and Resources Update – March 2016
FSA 16/03/10
Richard McLean

3.05pm-3.35pm (30 min) FSA Priorities and Budget 2016/17
FSA 16/03/11    
Richard McLean

3.35pm-3.40pm (5 min) AOB

3.40pm Close of Business Committee