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Our Board

We are a non-Ministerial government department so we are governed by a Board, rather than directly by Ministers. The Board ensures we fulfil our legal obligations so that all decisions or actions consider scientific advice and the interests of consumers.
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Our Board is chaired by Heather Hancock and has between seven and 11 other members. They are responsible for the overall strategic direction of our organisation. Day-to-day management is delegated to officials through the Chief Executive.

The Board is mainly appointed by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. One member is appointed by the Welsh Health Minister, and one by the Northern Ireland Health Minister. Information about how the Board works can be found in the Code of Conduct and Standing Orders documents.

Board meetings

The next Board meeting will be on 11 March 2020.

How to register to attend a meeting

You can attend meetings to see the Board's discussions about our policies.

The Board holds its meetings in public and publishes meeting agendas, papers and decisions.

You need to email us to register for a Board meeting.

As places may be limited, please wait until you receive an official confirmation of your registration before making arrangements to attend.

Submitting a question

The FSA Board welcomes questions on the discussions held at each of its meetings. We are interested in receiving questions rather than comments and would advise that queries are kept as concise and focused as possible.

Once all Board papers have been published, questions can be submitted by emailing the Board Secretariat.  You can submit questions from the Monday morning before a Board meeting until noon on the day before the Board meeting. Questions for the FSA will be read out at the start of the meeting. The Board and Executive will then have the opportunity to address them as part of the relevant discussions. Those who have submitted questions for the FSA will receive a written reply within 14 working days. The questions and answers will then be published on our website when the Board meeting minutes are agreed.

There is also an opportunity for those attending in person to ask questions, this happens at the end of the Board meeting.


Scheduled meetings
Date Type of meeting Location
11 March 2020 Board and Business Committee London
17 June 2020 Board and Business Committee TBC
16 September 2020 Board and Business Committee


2 December 2020 Board and Business Committee Cardiff
Meetings in 2020  
21 January 2020 Papers and video


Meetings in 2019  
18 September 2019 Minutes, papers and video
19 June 2019 Minutes, papers and video
8 May 2019 Minutes, papers and video
13 March 2019 Minutes, papers and video
Meetings in 2018  
5 December 2018 Minutes, papers and video
17 October 2018 Minutes, papers and video
19 September 2018 Minutes, papers and video
20 June 2018 Minutes, papers and video
14 March 2018 Minutes, papers and video
Meetings in 2017  
6 December 2017 Minutes, papers and video
20 September 2017 Minutes, papers and video
21 June 2017 Minutes, papers and video
15 March 2017 Minutes, papers and video

Archived Board meetings

Board meetings from 2013-17 and 2006-2013.

Board Members

All personal or business interests that may be perceived to influence their judgement should be declared. Such interests include involvement in the agriculture, food and related industries.

Board attendance

A record of Board Members' attendance at Board, Business Committee and ARAC meetings can be found below.

Board engagements

A record of engagements undertaken by Board Members can be found below.

Board expenses

Details of the business expenses of Board Members can be found through the link below.

Board expenses