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Regulating Our Future Newsletter

The most up to date information on the Regulating Our Future (ROF) programme bringing you up to date with our plans, who we’ve been talking to, your views and what’s going to happen next.
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Thirteenth Regulating our Future newsletter

The thirteenth newsletter includes articles on:

  • Register a Food Business digital service
  • Primary Authority National Inspection Strategies and the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Twelfth Regulating our Future newsletter

The twelfth newsletter includes articles on:

  • Developing National Inspection Strategies
  • Register a food business digital service progress
  • Food standards delivery engagement events

Eleventh Regulating our Future newsletter

The eleventh newsletter includes articles on:

  • National Inspection Strategies
  • Next steps for the roll out of the digital service
  • Regulating Our Future paper ‘Changing food regulation: what we’ve done, where we go next’

Tenth Regulating our Future newsletter

The tenth newsletter includes articles on:

  • Regulating Our Future timeline
  • Business start-up and enhanced registration 
  • Regulated Private Assurance
  • Food Standards Delivery review 

Ninth Regulating our Future newsletter

The ninth newsletter includes articles on:

  • revisit why we’ve embarked on an ambitious, long term, reform programme and the benefits it will deliver to consumers, to public confidence, to businesses and to local authorities.
  • progress we have made on our National Inspection Strategies
  • the latest consumer community panel deliberations 
  • next steps for Enhanced Registration

Eighth Regulating our Future newsletter

The eighth newsletter includes articles on:

  • board decision on certified regulatory auditor concept
  • regulating our future field operations and operations assurance
  • digital solution discovery phase report
  • regulating our future consumer panel report

Seventh Regulating our Future newsletter

The seventh newsletter includes articles on:

  • Segmentation working group
  • Final meeting of the Regulating Our Future consumer panel
  • Food standards and regulating our future
  • FSA parliamentary reception
  • Animated target operating model

Sixth Regulating our Future newsletter

The sixth newsletter includes articles on:

  • primary authority national inspection strategy and feasibility study
  • working towards a digital solution for Regulating Our Future
  • SME and micro business insight report
  • local authority engagement events report
  • pilot project for the BRC global standards for food safety

Fifth Regulating our Future newsletter

The fifth newsletter includes articles on:

  • local authority engagement events
  • latest iteration of the target operating model
  • third meeting of the consumer panel
  • the director for 'Regulating Our Future' discusses our plans for the future of food regulation
  • interviews with our expert advisory groups

Fourth Regulating our Future newsletter

The fourth newsletter includes articles on:

  • FSA board discussion - Regulating Our Future
  • Regulating Our Future audit data research published
  • second expert advisory group meeting
  • Regulating Our Future - the journey ahead
  • one year in - hear from the RoF programme lead

Third Regulating our Future newsletter

The third newsletter includes articles on:

  • FSA's priorities for next three years
  • December and January hot house events
  • engaging smaller food businesses
  • first meeting of the Regulating Our Future consumer panel

Second Regulating our Future newsletter - podcast

Welcome to the first Regulating our Future podcast. It’s the end of the year and we think it’s a good time to take stock of where we are and what we have planned for the New Year.

First Regulating our Future newsletter

The first newsletter includes articles on:

  • pilots
  • hot houses
  • expert advisory groups - adding value through insight and challenge
  • what are consumers and small businesses saying?