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Welsh Food Advisory Committee 10 January 2019


Southgate House, Wood Street, Cardiff, CF10 1EW

Last updated: 11 February 2019
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Agenda and Papers

Welsh Food Advisory Committee Meeting

10:00-10:15 (15 mins) Arrival and refreshments  

10:15-10:20 (5 minutes) Minutes of last open meeting                                           

10:20-10:35 (15 mins) Chair's Report

10:35-10:50 (15 mins) Interim Director's Report

10:50-11:45 (55 mins) Allergens – open discussion                      

 Areas to explore: 

•    What is the pattern of food allergies or intolerances
in Wales - does it differ to other parts of UK in distinct ways?

•    What are consumer and stakeholder concerns? 

•    Welsh and Welsh language social media insights surrounding allergens.

•    What is the provider landscape for ‘free from’ foods in Wales?

•    Does the regulatory approach adopted in each country appear
to make a difference to the protection and interests of food allergic consumers?

•    Any other relevant aspects?

11.45 Close of open meeting