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Welsh Food Advisory Committee 11 April 2019

Wales specific
Southgate House, Wood Street, Cardiff, CF10 1EW
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Agenda and Papers

Welsh Food Advisory Committee Meeting

09:50-10:10 (20 mins) Arrival and refreshments

10:10-10:15 (5 mins) Introductions and declarations
10:15-10:20 (5 mins) Minutes of last open meeting                                                   
10:20-10:35 (15 mins) Chair’s Report

10:35-10:50 (15 mins) Interim Director’s Report

10:50-12:00 (80 mins) Official Feed Controls – open discussion                       

Presentation from the executive on the current arrangements for the delivery of official feed controls in Wales. 

Areas to explore:

•    How important is animal feed to the food chain?
•    What factors influence consumer and industry behaviour in relation to animal feed supply?
•    How is animal feed regulated in Wales and does the approach adequately serve the needs of consumers and industry?
•    How could the Regulating Our Future principles be further integrated into feed law delivery arrangements in Wales?

•    Any other relevant aspects

12:00 Close of open meeting