Alternative sanitation of cutting tools in slaughterhouses and game handling establishments

How to apply for authorisation to use alternative sanitation systems for the disinfection of cutting tools in slaughterhouses and game handling establishments.
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Hygiene legislation requires all slaughterhouses to disinfect cutting tools to reduce contamination risk and ensure food safety. As the competent authority, the FSA is responsible for the approval of slaughterhouses and cutting plants, and must ensure that any alternative system of disinfection has an equivalent effect to the use of water at a temperature of not less than 82°C.

Application process

You can apply for an authorisation to use alternative sanitation systems for the disinfection of cutting tools in your slaughterhouse or game handling establishment.

To apply for an authorisation, you will need to complete the application form and send a copy to the Approvals Team. In addition to this we will also require the supporting documentation outlined on the form.

Once received, your application will be allocated to a Field Veterinary Leader. The evidence and trial information will then be considered.

After authorisation is granted

Disinfection equipment must be maintained in good condition, and when necessary be serviced on a regular basis. Records of maintenance checks, repairs and servicing must be kept.

Disinfection procedures must be reviewed regularly to verify their continued effectiveness and also when any significant operational changes are introduced.

Disinfection procedures will be monitored by the Official Veterinarian and by the competent authority as part of the regular FBO audits at the set risk-based frequency.

Once an authorisation has been granted it may be amended, suspended or revoked if we are not satisfied that the right conditions are being met.

Appeals process

Where an amendment, suspension or cancellation is issued, you will have the right to appeal this decision.

You can make an appeal by writing to the Operations Head Veterinarian within 20 working days of the date of the notice.

During the appeals process you must stop any alternative sanitation methods that were previously included in your authorisation.

The appeal will be investigated and the outcome will be communicated to you and to the Field Veterinary Leader within 20 working days of the decision.

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