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Here to Help case studies

A series of case studies of small food businesses on how they have adapted to operate during COVID-19.
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In recent months, in order to continue operating during COVID-19, many established food businesses have diversified into food delivery, takeaway or online sales. There has also been an increase in people cooking from home and selling food locally or online.

As part of the Here to Help campaign, we have spoken to businesses across the UK to find out about the range of challenges facing food businesses and their tips on how to succeed.

These case studies will explore how businesses have responded to the pandemic and will share ideas and real stories of how to be creative with your business and how to protect your customers in the 'new normal'.

This page will be updated regularly as we add more voices to the Here to Help series.


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Chris's Fish 'n' Chips - Local chippy adapts to home delivery

Interview with Strad, owner of Chris's Fish 'n' Chips, Barwell village, Leicestershire, on how COVID-19 has affected their food business and the challenges and benefits of moving to a delivery model and connecting with the local community.


The Mussel Pod - Norfolk mussel farmer moves their street-food business to keep afloat

Interview with Thomas, owner of The Mussel Pod, Brancaster, Norfolk, on how his business has adapted their physical operation and mussel harvesting during COVID-19, and how they have prepared for the next 6 months.


The Bakehouse - Café turns into a bakery and stays true to their passion

Interview with Rosea, owner of The Bakehouse, Nottingham, on turning their café into a bakery during COVID-19 and staying true to their passion for bread.

The Bakehouse, Nottingham - Here to Help

Gwin Dylanwad Wine - Rural wine bar turns to virtual wine tastings and home delivery

Interview with Dylan, owner of Gwin Dylanwad Wine, Dolgellau, Wales, on their experience of diversifying their business during COVID-19 with virtual tastings, restaurant partnerships, home delivery and food markets.

Gwin Dylanwad Wine - Here to help