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Listing of establishments to export products of animal origin to the EU

If your business exports products of animal origin (POAO) such as meat, fish, shellfish, eggs and dairy products to the EU, we need information from you. This guidance explains who is affected and what you need to do.


This work has been put on hold

Throughout 2018 and 2019 the FSA has supported Defra to identify those UK approved establishments that wished to export products of animal origin to the EU as part of no deal planning. While the UK is in a transition period and negotiations are taking place to discuss our future trading relationship, work to identify UK establishment that export to the EU has been put on hold. The FSA will hold all the responses we have received and we will update you as negotiations progress.

For current business information, read: The UK has left the EU

You can also read about the transition period.

The European Commission (EC) would need to list the UK as a third country and approve the export of POAO to the EU, if there is a no-deal Brexit. 

The FSA is supporting Defra to identify establishments that need to be listed. 


Current EU regulations (Articles 11 and 12 of Regulation (EC) 854/2004) require third countries to be approved to export POAO to the EU. Individual establishments that dispatch, prepare or provide such products need to be listed with the EC. Only UK approved businesses involved in producing POAO are affected, so businesses involved in producing food not of animal origin do not need to be listed.

Which businesses need to be listed?

If your business operates from a UK approved establishment e.g. those establishments involved in slaughtering animals or birds, cutting red or white meat, preparing fish and fish products, or preparing dairy and egg products and you export these products to the EU you need to be listed. Regulation (EC) 853/2004 Annex III lays down requirements for those activities that need to be approved. 

Which businesses do not need to be listed?

The regulations set out those establishments that are not subject to the listing requirement, these are: 

  • establishments handling POAO not listed in Annex III of the regulations
  • primary production, farming, and sea fishing if the vessel is not a factory or freezer vessel
  • establishments carrying out transport operations only, i.e. distribution
  • establishments that only store POAO where no temperature control storage conditions are required

Retail premises are exempt from the regulations except for when operations are carried out with a view to the supply of POAO to another establishment. 

Do all registered food businesses need to be listed?

Most food businesses in the UK are registered food businesses, which are the responsibility of local authorities. The fact that they are registered and not approved means they do not carry out an activity to which the regulations lay down specific requirements. Registered business do not need to be listed with the EC to export products to the EU. 

Do UK approved establishments need to be listed even if they don’t export POAO to the EU?

If you are a UK approved establishment that does not export POAO to the EU, you don’t have to be listed. However, if you produce fresh meat, minced meat, meat preparations, meat products or mechanically separated meat at a slaughterhouse or cutting plant, you will need to be listed if you supply others that export your product to the EU.

What if a business produces composite products?

Businesses manufacturing composite products that have a POAO as an ingredient such as pizzas or sandwiches do not need to be listed to export such products to the EU, if they operate from registered premises. However, they will need an Export Health Certificate (EHC) to demonstrate that the POAO they used in their product originated from an approved establishment listed with the EU.

What do you need to do now?

If you are an approved establishment in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland that requires to be listed to export POAO to the EU please contact 

Scottish food businesses should contact Food Standards Scotland at

All businesses should provide the following information: 

  • establishment approval number  
  • full business name and address 
  • contact details for the business, email address / telephone number 
  • description of product exported to the EU 
  • annual quantity of product produced at the establishment
  • annual quantity of products exported to the EU 
  • number of consignments annually exported to the EU

Please note that as we prepare the UKs application as a third country to export POAO to the EU, the EC may require more information and we therefore may need to contact you for additional information to support this process. 

If you don’t currently export POAO to the EU but are thinking of doing so soon, the FSA would encourage you to submit your application now.

If you are a UK approved establishment that does not export POAO to the EU, it would be helpful if you could contact to confirm this, so that we can remove you from our data set so that we do not inconvenience you any further.    

More information

Should you require any further information please contact