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Meat industry guide

How to satisfy the requirements set out by food law. It includes guidance on the approval of premises and continued standards.
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Please note this publication is not currently being updated or maintained. It does not reflect regulatory or policy changes as of 14 December 2019, such as the Official Controls Regulations (OCR) implementation. It must not be relied upon as an authoritative statement of the law or practice.

Areas that the meat industry guide covers

The Meat Industry Guide (MIG) for UK Food Business Operators (FBOs) includes: 

  • slaughter and dressing of red meat species, poultry, rabbits and farmed game
  • dressing of wild game in game handling establishments
  • cutting of red, white or game meat
  • production of meat products, minced meat, meat preparations and mechanically separated meat

About the guide

The guide has been developed by a panel of industry experts, enforcement authorities and agency officials.

It sets out the legal obligations that apply to FBOs in the meat sector. It also provides advice on how these obligations can be met.

Operators are not obliged to follow the advice in the guide as there are other ways of achieving compliance with the law.

Chapters of the MIG

Manual for official controls 

Once your premises have been approved, you will find the Manual for Official Controls (MOC) beneficial for further information.

The MOC describes the tasks, responsibilities and duties of our staff carrying out official controls in approved establishments.

Manual for official controls