Mycotoxins guidance and advice for industry and enforcement bodies

Mycotoxins guidance and advice produced by the FSA and the European Commission.

Food Contaminants Update Bulletins

Regular updates on key events in the mycotoxins area are included in the Food Contaminants Update Bulletins. These are produced to enable more meaningful consultation and obtain early stakeholder input on EU and associated domestic legislation. Updates are aimed to keep stakeholders informed of the latest changes as well as building up the history behind the featured policy development.

Mycotoxins sampling advice

The Food Standards Agency has produced sampling advice to provide information to enforcement authorities and food business operators on the legislation regarding mycotoxins in foodstuffs and the official methods of sampling certain foods for mycotoxins.

The guidance is not a statutory code of practice or a substitute for the EU and domestic legislation to which it refers and which should be referred to in conjunction with the guidance.

Fusarium and Ochratoxin A guidance

The FSA has developed two UK specific codes of practice to reduce Fusarium and ochratoxin A mycotoxins in cereals, and published a guide to summarise these codes of practice for cereal farmers.

These UK codes of practice are based on a set of general principles to minimise the amount of mycotoxins in cereals published by the European Commission.

European Commission Guidance on Document for Competent Authorities for the Control of Compliance with EU Legislation on Aflatoxins

In order to assist the competent authorities on the official control of aflatoxin contamination in food products that are subject to special import conditions, a guidance document has been produced. The document is applicable for the control of aflatoxins in food products in general and may also be useful to food businesses in order to familiarise themselves with the guidance.


If a food business operator wishes to have samples analysed for mycotoxins in the UK it is recommended that a laboratory accredited for mycotoxin analysis is used. Further information on accredited laboratories can be found on the United Kingdom Accreditation Services website. Official control samples must be analysed at an Official Control Laboratory (OCL). A list of OCLs can be found below.


Within the imports section of the FSA website, food businesses can find useful information including key mycotoxins-related legislation that they may need to be aware of. All products imported into the UK must comply with European Union law on contaminants.

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