Health certificate for farmed game at the holding

Last updated:
18 October 2012
These arrangements combine the certification of the results of the ante mortem inspection with food chain information and certification that farmed game animals and ratites were slaughtered and bled correctly together with confirmation of the date and time of slaughter.


The EU food hygiene legislation required slaughterhouse operators to request, receive, check and act upon food chain information (FCI) for all animals sent for slaughter for human consumption.

This requirement forms part of the whole chain, farm-to-fork approach to food safety introduced by the hygiene regulation from 1 January 2006. Recent amendments have been made to Regulations (EC) Nos. 853/2004 and 854/2004 that are contained in Commission Regulations 150/2011 and 151/2011 respectively.

Food business operators must certify the date and time of slaughter and that farmed game animals/ratites were slaughtered and bled correctly.

The Agency has produced the Health Certificate model form below for farmed game animals and ratites slaughtered on farm.