Rice products from China

Last updated:
11 February 2016
From 12 January 2012 Commission Implementing Decision (EU) No 2011/884/EU imposed emergency measures governing the import of specific rice products from China due to unauthorised genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and repealed Decision 2008/289/EC.

These have recently been amended by Commission Implementing Decision 2013/287/EU.

Under these special conditions, which apply to feed and food, consignments of rice products originating in or consigned from China (and including other products which may consist, contain or be produced from rice) can only enter the UK through specific ports and airports approved as designated points of entry (DPEs) or Border Inspection Posts (BIPs).

A list of the rice products subject to the controls can be found in Annex I of the Decision.

Consignments must be accompanied by a health certificate completed in accordance with Annex III of the Decision and signed and verified by the appropriate authorities in China. For identification purposes each health certificate needs to be marked with a code, which is found on all individual bags or other types of packaging that make up the consignment.

An analytical report must also be completed for each lot in the consignment, in accordance with Annex IV of the Decision. The sampling and analysis that took place in China prior to import should be in accordance with the methods detailed in Annex II of Decision 2011/884/EC.

Food and feed business operators must pre-notify DPEs or BIPs with the estimated date and time of arrival of all consignments of rice products in Annex I of the Decision, including whether it is food or feed.

For consignments of products listed in Annex I of the Decision that do not contain, consist of or are not produced from rice, food or feed business operators may provide a statement to that effect. Where a statement is provided, such consignments are not subject to the official controls and do not need to have the results of analysis or a health certificate.

A documentary check and sampling for laboratory analysis will take place at the DPE or BIP. Fees will be payable to the relevant authorities and will not be higher than the costs incurred by the authorities.

Designated Point of Entry for the purposes of carrying out controls on rice products from China for GMOs

DPE DPE unit number
Belfast port (feed and food) UK DP 01
Felixstowe port (feed and food) UK DP 03
Gatwick airport (feed and food) UK DP 04
Harwich port (feed and food) UK DP 05
Heathrow airport (feed and food) UK DP 06
Hull and Goole port (feed and food) UK DP 07
Liverpool port (food only) UK DP 09
London Tilbury port (feed and food) UK DP 10
London Thamesport (feed and food) UK DP 11
Sheerness port (food only) UK DP 12
Manchester airport (feed and food) UK DP 13
Southampton port (feed and food) UK DP 17
River Tees PHA UK DP 18
Grimsby and Immingham port (food only) UK DP 19
Portsmouth port (food only) UK DP 20
Stansted airport (feed and food) UK DP 21
Port of Tyne (food only) UK DP 22
London Gateway Port UK DP 25
East Midlands Airport UK DP 26
Dover Harbour Board UK DP 27

If a port or airport operator wishes to apply for Designated Point of Entry for the purposes of carrying out controls on rice products from China for GMOs, then please complete the application form at the link below and email it to imported.food@foodstandards.gsi.gov.uk.