Bivalve molluscs from Turkey

Last updated:
29 July 2015
There are temporary control measures on imports of bivalve molluscs from Turkey.

The European Commission’s Food and Veterinary Office has carried out an audit in Turkey to evaluate the production of bivalve molluscs. The audit found significant shortcomings that meant health standards for bivalve molluscs exported to the European Union could not be met.

Therefore, the importation of live and chilled bivalve molluscs from Turkey shall be temporarily suspended. All consignments of frozen bivalve molluscs are subjected to sampling at BIPs for Escherichia coli. Additionally, frozen or processed bivalve molluscs are subjected to tests to determine the level of marine biotoxins. Consignments undergoing these tests will be held pending the results.

The details of the temporary control measure are outlined in Regulation (EU) 743/2013 (as amended). Regulation 2017/129 extends the period of protective measures to 31 December 2017.