P&B (Foods) Limited recalls Heera/Parivar brand Coriander Seeds due to contamination with insect infestation

Last updated:
1 March 2013

Type: Recalled from customers

Ref: 7/2013


Heera Small Coriander Seeds (various sizes, batch and date codes)
Parivar Coriander Seeds

Product details

Product Batch Size Best before
Heera IG1130812 700g 13.08.14
Heera IG2200812 200g 20.07.14
Heera 3G091111 100g 09.11.13
Heera 1G00312 200g 07.08.13
Heera 3G210312 700g 21.08.13
Heera PB100532 25kg 13.08.14
Parivar 1G0614 600g 10.06.14
Parivar IG0616 600g 16.06.14


All batches of the above product are being recalled on a precautionary basis as the products may be subject to insect infestation.

Action taken by the company

These products are sold nationally. P&B (Foods) Limited is recalling the affected products from consumers. Point-of-sale notices will be displayed in stores explaining the actions consumers can take if they have purchased the affected product(s).

No other P&B (Foods) Limited products are known to be affected.

Advice to consumers

If you have purchased the above product(s), please do not consume it, but return to your nearest store for a full refund.