Eggs and egg products establishments

Last updated:
15 January 2016
Lists of premises that handle eggs and egg products approved under European Union Regulation 853/2004.

Premises that handle eggs and egg products must be approved under European Union Regulation 853/2004.


In Regulation 853/2004 eggs are defined as:

  • eggs in shell — other than broken, incubated or cooked eggs — that are produced by farmed birds and are fit for direct human consumption or for the preparation of egg products.

Egg products

In Regulation 853/2004 egg products are defined as:

  • processed products resulting from the processing of eggs, or of various components or mixtures of eggs, or from the further processing of such processed products.

Liquid egg

In Regulation 853/2004 liquid egg is defined as:

  • unprocessed egg contents after removal of the shell.

Packing Centre

In Regulation 853/2004 packing centre is defined as:

  • an establishment where eggs are graded by quality and weight.


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