FHRS consistency exercise 2016

This is the FSA’s second online consistency exercise for local authorities. It is based around a food business inspection scenario that food law authorised officers will be familiar with and will give officers within food safety teams an opportunity to discuss intervention risk rating together in completing the exercise. The exercise should be conducted as a team activity and when the appropriate score and rating is agreed, a single response should be submitted for the authority.

In following up and feeding back on the exercise, individual local authority submissions will not be identified or presented. Assessments of the three risk rating scores that determine the food hygiene rating will be collated to show the overall consensus, and will be made available to local authorities along with the FSA’s comments. This will provide further opportunity for consideration by officers, individually and collectively, to compare local assessment with the overall consensus that emerges.

The exercise will help the FSA with monitoring the effectiveness of the training it provides officers in food hygiene intervention risk rating consistency, and to identify areas for further development in training and guidance.

Inspection scenario

The following links provide all the relevant background and information for the exercise (you can also download the scenario as a pdf file). Consider fully each section so as to be familiar with the scenario.