The Carib Bayou Restaurant: key facts

The Carib Bayou restaurant was opened in 2011 by the food business operator (FBO), Mr Serge Truscott, and his wife Henrietta. The restaurant specializes in fine Caribbean cuisine (see menu) and can accommodate 75 covers when full.


Mr Truscott employs a total of nine staff:

  • 2 chefs: Carlos and Francis
  • 3 sous chefs: Nicole, Tristram and Denise
  • 2 kitchen hands: Kevin and Trevor
  • 2 waiters: Ulrika and Clarissa

There are usually one chef, two sous-chefs, a kitchen hand and one waiter on duty apart from weekends when all of the staff are normally present. All of his staff have worked at the restaurant since it opened in 2011 except the kitchen hands and waiters. It is difficult to retain staff in these posts and Mr Trescott often recruits students who are paid a minimum wage.

System based on HACCP principles

Mr Truscott uses Safer Food Better Business and employed a food safety consultant, Roger, to help set the system up and carry out annual food safety audits. Roger also provides a pest control service and visits the restaurant quarterly to undertake a pest audit.


Mr Truscott runs an in-house training session with his staff every 12 months using his Safer Food Better Business pack as a reference supported by the food hygiene videos from the Food Standards Agency’s website. Attendance at these training sessions is recorded in the SFBB pack. In addition regular staff meetings are held including a monthly review meeting which is recorded in the SFBB pack.

All new starters are provided with a brief instruction on food hygiene by Mr Trescott using a guide provided by the FSA.


The restaurant was last inspected on 20 August 2014 (see previous inspection report). Prior to that there were the following  inspections carried out:

Date Category Score FHRS rating Inspection report
16 July 2013 B 75 4 See inspection report
3 July 2012 B 75 4 See inspection report

The following sample results are on file:

Date Sample Result
20 January 2015 Swab fridge handle Satisfactory
20 January 2015 Swab cooked meat chopping board Satisfactory
20 January 2015 Swab cooked vegetable chopping board Satisfactory
13 May 2012 Cooked beef Satisfactory