The inspection: observations

You are met by Mr Truscott, the FBO, who shows you his copy of Safer Food Better Business and talks you through the safe methods. You note that not all of the diary sheets have been signed off. You then enter the restaurant kitchen and make the following observations:

  • There are seven people working in the kitchen at the time of your visit: Carlos, Francis, Nicole, Tristram, Denise, Kevin and Ulrika
  • You observe Carlos slice up some raw meat on a light blue chopping board and notice that one of the raw meat knives that he is using has fallen onto the work surface.

  • The cutting board containing the raw meat is picked up by Francis and moved to the other side of the workstation. You then watch Kevin clean and then disinfect the worksurface where the raw meat had been cut and then watch Denise start to prepare desserts in this area. Before starting to prepare the food, you see Denise wash her hands and then place a white chopping board onto the work surface onto which she starts to chop bananas and pineapple.
  • You then watch Francis place raw meat into a frying pan

  • Carlos scrapes down the griddle and then Nicole starts to cook some courgettes.