Papa's Pizza and Burgers: The Scenario

Last updated:
6 June 2017
Catering van interior


Papa’s Pizza and Burgers is a mobile pizza and burger van operated by Mr Luigi Benito of 34 Hampton Street, Fulchester. He is assisted by his brothers Antonio and Angelo and the food business is registered with Fulchester Council. They are not a member of a trade association and have not entered into a Primary Authority Partnership.


Whilst the business is registered in Fulchester, it has never traded there and so the Council must rely on the inspection reports received from inspecting authorities where the van has attended events for a fuller understanding of the business in terms of food hygiene performance. An initial inspection rating of ‘5’ was allocated by Fulchester Council when the business first started to trade in September 2015. At the time of this initial inspection the van was parked at Mr Benito’s house and the inspecting officer did not witness any food being handled or prepared. The business uses Safer Food Better Business.

The Scenario

You are the Lead officer for Fulchester Council and have received a food hygiene inspection report from Wendover District Council (WDC). The report identifies a number of food hygiene issues and includes a recommendation that the FHRS rating be reduced to ‘3’. An officer from your team has carried out a subsequent inspection at the registered address when the business was not trading.