Border Inspection Post manual and Official Veterinary Surgeons Notes

The Border Inspection Post (BIP) manual and Official Veterinary Surgeons (OVS) Notes are available electronically through the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) website. They contain enforcement advice on import conditions for products of animal origin.

The BIP manual and OVS Notes are issued to local authorities and the State Veterinary Service, who are responsible for veterinary checks on imports of products of animal origin from countries outside the EU.

BIP manual

The BIP manual provides guidance on the implementation of legislation concerning checks on products of animal origin coming from non-European Union countries (EU) and covers EU and national rules applicable at BIPs and elsewhere.

The BIP manual can be found on the DEFRA website at the link below.

OVS Notes

Information notes for Official Veterinary Surgeons are issued to notify of major changes in guidance and instructions, and supplement the standing instructions to inspection officers that are contained in the BIP manual. The OVS Notes are issued by DEFRA, except for notes on fishery products, which are issued by the Food Standards Agency.

OVS Notes can be found via the 'External sites' link on this page.

A BIP is an EU Border Inspection Post situated at a seaport or airport. See a list of UK BIPs.